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Area of Specialisation - Educational Psychology

Assoc. Prof Dr. Samsilah Roslan has been actively involved in the promotion and commercialization of UPM’s innovations for eight years. As the Director of Putra Science Park, she has set up a team of businessmen, academics, IP and knowledge transfer experts dedicated to collaborating with all relevant parties to deliver innovations to the public. Up to date, UPM has accumulated more than 2,000 intellectual properties and has successfully commercialized a total of 134 innovations, achieving more than RM58 million in gross sales.

Putra Science Park, UPM is also currently housing 52 startups with 12 startups securing more than RM6.8 million in capitalization in just 2 years. The strong innovation and commercialization ecosystem in UPM has warranted them four times national award for the best organization in intellectual property management by the Intellectual Property Corporation of Malaysia (MyIPO).

Dr. Samsilah Roslan was trained and certified in intellectual properties protection and commercialization from the Licensing Academy, School of Law, University of California Davis, and has also completed a series of training with Stanford Research Institute (SRI) International, California.

Dr. Samsilah Roslan was involved in the setting up of Innovation and Technology Managers Association (ITMA) in Malaysia and was the secretary of ITMA before being elected as the president. She is actively involved in coordinating the development of various training modules for technology transfer professionals in Malaysia with the strong support from the Malaysian Ministry of Higher Education (MOHE).