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Available Technologies

Sila lihat teknologi yang sedia untuk dikomersilkan oleh industri. Hubungi kami bagi mengetahui maklumat lanjut. 
We welcome you to browse our list of available technologies. Please contact us, for more information about the technologies.



  1. Streptomyces sp. UPMRS4 as a potential biocontrol agent against rice blast disease
  2. A Cost-effective & Scalable Process For Producing A Biopesticide
  3. Drupe Dehusker
  4. Vaccine for Streptococcosis
  5. Detection Kit for Carcinogenic Compounds, PAHs in Fish Paecilomyces Lilacinus PLA & PLB
  6. Biobased Nanoemulsion of Rotenone for Safe, Sustainable and Effective Insect Pest Control
  7. Phosphate Soluble Bacteria for Enhanced Growth for Aerobic Rice
  8. Kenaf Stems Harvester: Design And Development of Kenaf Stems Harvesting Machine
  9. A Multi Band Sensor for Fruit Maturity Detection
  10. Lamp for the Detection of ISKNV
  11. Maximizing Yield of Crop by Using Phosphorus Fixation
  12. Combined Chemistry Anticoagulant to Prevent Rapid Blood Clotting in Warm Water Fish
  13. Recycling Peat Soil in Water in Agriculture
  14. Sustainable Technology for Increasing Rice Yield
  15. Extraction and Characterization of Oligosaccarides from Palm Kernel Cake
  16. Thrico Beads - Encapsulation of Biocontrol Agent



  1. Green Plastic Jatropha Oil-Plasticized Poly
  2. Treatment of Oil Palm Biomass by Superheated Steam for Biocomposite Production
  3. Biofunctional Heterogenous Catalysts for Production of Non-Edible Based Biodiesel
  4. Hypoxia-Inducible Factor (HIF) Activity Reporter Cell Line
  5. Purification of Serine Protease from Mango (Mangifera Indica Cv. Chokanan) Peel
  6. A Method Producing Palm-Based Kojic Acid Monooleate using Solvent Free System
  7. Heat-Treatment Aqueous Two Phase System for Purification of Serine Protease from Kesinai (Streblus Asper) Leaves
  8. AT2 Lipase
  9. Detergent For Machine Wash (DMW) Containing Locally Isolated Thermostable T1 Lipase
  10. Bio-Based Production of Crotonic Acid
  11. Cellulosimicrobium cellulans Culture to Degrade Oil Pollution



  1. Producing High Bloom Gelatin From Plurality Of Poultry By Products
  2. Lard Detection Based on Impedance Spectroscopy
  3. Evaluation of Avocado Fats from Malaysian Cultivars for Halal Fat Formulation
  4. HALAL Islamic Cleansing Clay (LS) for Halal Industry



  1. Ultrasound Bath Aided Mixing System
  2. Gluten-Free Food Product
  3. Black Glutinous Rice Spread - Green Tea Milk Spread with Chia Seeds (VerTea) - Rice Nugget
  4. Currypuff Machine
  5. Wet Solid Mixing Blade
  6. Heart Friendly Vegetable Oil (C-Heart)
  7. UV Treat Machine
  8. SMART Ez-Grader
  9. Halotolerant Staphyloccocus Carnosus FS 19 as a Potential Histamine Degrader
  10. Winged Bean Seed Psophocarpus Tetragonolobus : A Source of Bifunctional Proteolysate with Ace-Inhibitory and Antioxidative Activities
  11. An Industrially Potent Lactobalicillus Plantarum for Dual Biosynthesizing Activities for the Production of Glutamic Acid and Gaba
  12. Novel Multifunctional Peptides Derived from Palm Kernel Cake (PKC) Protein
  13. Nutramee: Vitamin E and Carotenoids Enriched Noodle
  14. Exotic Ice Structuring Peptides
  15. Pomelo Juice Extractor



  1. Chewable and Nutritious Moringa Oleifera Leaves Tablets
  2. Kenaf Laminated Biocomposite For Prosthetic Leg Socket Fabrication
  3. Genetic Marker For Rapid And Early Detection Of UV-induced Premature Skin Aging
  4. Candidate EV71 Vaccine
  5. Emergency Nano Water Filtration Unit
  6. Medical Rescue Bag for Outdoor Activities  
  7. NanoZER A New Drug Delivery System for Treatment of Leukemia 
  8. VASOPEPT - A Marine Antihypertensive Bioingredient From Stichopus Horrens
  9. TRUNCAP -Truncated And Selective Chicken Anemia Virus-Vp3 Therapeutic Protein Targeting Human Breast Cancer
  10. PeptoGreen-Green Soybean Proteolysate A New Source Of Antihypertensive Peptides With Industrial Applications
  11. GAMO PEPTO CURE - Immunomodulatory And Anti-Hypertensive Bioactive Peptides Generated From Actinopyga Lecanora
  12. Bonex (Anti-Osteoporosis Bone Mineral Density Enhancer)
  13. Ergonomic Lumbar Support for Motorcyclist
  14. NanoTQ (A Drug Candidate for the Management of Cervical Cancer)
  15. Novel Sunscreen Protection Active Agent Based on Intercalated Nano-Layered Composite
  16. Nanocomposite Bone Scaffold
  17. Development of Inexpensive Prosthetic Leg Socket from Woven Kenaf-Glass
  18. Aflatoxin Reduction by Lactobacillus Casei Shirota in Different Aflatoxicosis Exposures
  19. Phyllanthus Niruri Reduces Azotaemia and Blood Vessel Dysfunction in Chronic Renal Failure Rats
  20. Diabetes Gene Therapy using Nutrients-Regulating Promoter
  21. Method of Producing Calcium Carbonate Nano Particles
  22. Promolaktin: Anti-Breast Cancer Milk Production Enhancer
  23. Kenaf Bio-Oil: As a Novel Specialty Oil with High Phytosterol and Antioxidant Properties
  24. Glucofix : Anti-Diabetic Formulation from Albizia Myriophylla
  25. Premier Marine Collagen
  26. Aquagelatin: Halal Marine-Based Gelatin for Versatile Nutraceutical and Cosmeceutical Applications
  27. Optimization of Squalene Recovery from Palm Fatty Acid Distillate using Pressure Swing


  1. Multimode Multiband RF Power Amplifier
  2. Wi-Fi Based Intruders Detection Device
  3. Graphene-Based Supercapacitor
  4. High Thrust Density Transverse Flux Linear Motor
  5. Flexible Supercapacitor



  1. Biomass Microwave Carbonizer
  2. Skytider - Mounting & Hanging Display Device
  3. Ammonia Gas Sensor Using Tapered Optical Fiber Coated With Zinc Oxide Nanostructures
  4. Photoluminescent Carbon Quantum Dots Derived From Biochar Via A Green Hydrothermal Method
  5. Surface Plasmon Resonance: A Versatile Technique for Biosensor Applications
  6. Three Dimensions Web Based Structural Analysis Software
  7. The Rubber Wall Damper for Framed Structures
  8. Phase Change Materials (PCM) Impregnated Bio-Polyurethane Roofing in Building Application
  9. Nano-Encapsuled Organic Phase Change Material
  10. U-Shaped Steel Channel Connection for Dynamic Loading
  11. New Sensor for Detection of Heavy Metal Ions in Drinking Water 



  1. Perforated Swivel Dustbin (PSD)



  1. 3D Holographic Rendering
  2. E-Wallet ZCHAIN4U
  3. ENEFDA Improving Energy Consumption in Cloud Computing Datacenter
  4. e-site inventory world's first mobile application for site inventory
  5. COHELEM Collaboration Heterogeneous Learning Management
  6. Curriculum Design Information System for Institution of Higher Learning
  7. Improved Runge-Kutta Algorithm for Solving Ordinary Differential Equations Software
  8. IBS Foreman
  9. Global Monitoring and Surveillance System
  10. Geriatrics Information Management
  11. Pervasive Cyber-Security Education System
  12. Mangrove Forest Mapping
  13. FText Fuzzy Text Extractor
  14. Foodclicks: Faculty Administration System
  15. On-Demand Channel Reservation Scheme for Common Traffic in Wireless Mesh Networks
  16. An Encoding Scheme Based on Fractional Numbers for Querying and Updating Xml Data


  1. Japan Animated Karaoke Assisted Vocabulary Learning
  2. Financial Stability, Business Cycle and Credit Expansion in Malaysia
  3. The Furniture Accountant
  4. ELT-Tec: A Tool for Evaluating English Textbooks
  5. Assessment Of Teachers’ Curriculum Practices in Teacher-Student Interaction System
  6. Simple Explicit Animation (SEA) for Teaching Organic Reaction Mechanisms
  7. Malay Language Proficiency Test
  8. Maternal Quality Time, Adolescents’ Intelligence and Sexual Activities: Islamic Empirical and Interventional Models


  1. Economical Aquatic Pollution Indicator
  2. Optical Sensor (Heavy Metal Detection Based on Chitosan)
  3. Novel Heavy Metal Ions Sensor Chips
  4. PM10 Distribution using Remotely Sensed Data and GIS Techniques; Klang Valley, Malaysia 


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