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The Aircirc: The Use Of Kenaf Fibre As Composite For Prosthetic Leg Socket

AirCirc prosthetic socket has been designed by approach of medical device design process in providing the amputees to maintain the skin temperature inside the socket and give more comfortable to wearer. This device has been designed not only to provide the amputees with ultimate breathable but also give some beautiful texture on prosthetic socket. The woven kenaf was used as material that provides good strength as compared to glass fibre and offer an eco-friendly product and aesthetic as well.

The idea for this prosthetic socket design is attempt to redefine the concept of a respirator, from socket that hold the stump, to a functional socket design that actively breathes on amputee’s skin. The goal of this project is to achieve the concept that provide comfortable, hygienic, and convenient prosthetic socket for daily use. The new design of prosthetic socket give skin breathable and protect from humidity which lead to many skin problem and discomfort especially in long duration of wearing prosthetic socket. As for material, the use of natural fibre such as kenaf to produce prosthetic limbs would not only reduce the dependency on material which not eco-friendly, but would also enable Malaysia to produce its own artificial limbs from locally grown plantation crop.

In Malaysia, the numbers of Type-2 diabetic amputees are increasing exponentially each year. This increase numbers of amputees reveal the need to have low-priced and well function prosthetic devices.  Therefore, cost-efficient prosthetic parts and components and devices which are produced using inexpensive technology are much needed and sought. This product can be benefit to prosthetic wearer which facing the discomfort especially on humid weather in Malaysia and can lead to poor air ventilation. Natural fibre as an alternative raw material to produce prosthetic leg socket could possibly use to replace the synthetic fibre thus, would lower the harmful to the human and environment pollution.




  1. The holes was designed to allow the air ventilation in prosthesis socket
  2. The device provide the amputees with ultimate breathable and comfortable
  3. The use of natural fiber as alternative material offers aesthetic and sustainable product design



Dr.Mohammad Jawaid

Institute Of Tropical Forestry And Forest Products (INTROP)

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