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Teknologi Sedia Dikomersialkan

Sila lihat teknologi yang sedia untuk dikomersilkan oleh industri. Hubungi kami bagi mengetahui maklumat lanjut.
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- Plant (10)

AGRICULTURE – Tools/Machine (14)

– System (4)

- Livestock (10)



FOOD (13)


HEALTH & MEDICAL - Equipment (11)










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  1. Artificial Diet Composition of Pollinator Weevil In Palm Oil Industries
  2. Cost-efficient WeedLock Bioherbicide Nanoemulsion Composition
  3. An Improved Formulation of a Liquid Biofertilizer
  4. Hexa-MOFs Fungicides Nanodelivery
  5. Plant-based Extract Formulation For Controlling BPH In Rice Field  
  6. Composition For Suppressing Pest (Bagworm) Infestation
  7. A Method For Identification Of Seaweed Samples With High Agar Yield And Gel Strength
  8. Grey Mushroom Irrigation System
  9. HARVAST Photosynthesis Enhancer
  10. Bioplastic In Slow Release Fertilizer
  11. NANODERMA Potent Antifungal Nanodelivery System for Ganoderma Disease Treatment of Oil Palm


PERTANIAN - Alat & Mesin | AGRICULTURE - Tools & Machine

  1. Smart Detector for Fruit Quality
  2. MSReD : Durian Rind Shredder For Efficient Biowaste Composting
  3. Rotadisc -Mesocarp And Drupe Nuts Separator For Higher Oil Recovery 
  4. Crude Palm Oil Vacuum Clarifier
  5. Passive Arm Assist Exoskeleton System
  6. SumoSack - Ergonomic Pineapple Harvesting Basket
  7. Rotating Blade for Natural Fiber Extraction Machine
  8. Agrivoltaic Kitchen Garden
  9. New Harvesting Machine for Agrivoltaic Herbal Crops
  10. Retractable Drying and Planting Rack for AgroPhotovoltaics
  11. Putra Pro-Cut & Putra Fast-Snap : Innovative Apparatus for Marcotting Technique
  12. A Peeling Tool - baby corn
  13. Plant Cyborg Hybrid
  14. VERSMAP multilayer vertical rectangular shelves


  1. Intelligent VRT controller for variable rate liquid fertilizer applicator
  2. NPK Data Recording System for Digital Soil Test Kit & Method Thereof
  3. Agriculture Land Suitability Evaluator (ALSE)
  4. Missing Oil Palm Trees Detection System


PERTANIAN - Ternakan | Perikanan | AGRICULTURE - Livestock | Aquaculture

  1. AquaBooster UPM- Feed-Based Vaccine for Freshwater Fishes
  2. MAMADry - Multi-Layered Aqua Mate Dryer
  3. Malaysian Mahseer Hybrid -New hybrid fish for the Aquaculture Industry
  4. Sargasynbiotic Feed Enhancer For Shrimp Aquaculture
  5. Putra Red Premium UPM Red Hybrid Tilapia
  6. ViVac Aquafeed_Vaccine
  7. FEED for Life Food Replacement In Aquaculture
  8. A Composition for an Immune Enhancing Aquaculture Pellet
  9. Aquamate - An Environmental Friendly Aquaculture Feed Supplement Derived from Probiotic Lactobacillus sp
  10. A Fowl Adenovirus Vaccine
  11. Fish Vaccination Against Vibriosis
  12. Biosensor for Rapid Clenbuterol Detection 


  1. Heterogenous Catalyst for Preparing Green Diesel by Hydrodeoxygenation (HDO) Reaction of Fatty Acids Feedstock
  2. Putra Amazing Agar
  3. Recombinant terpene synthase from Plectranthus amboinicus for microbial production of linalool and nerolidol
  4. LipExPS
  5. Cellulosimicrobium cellulans Culture to Degrade Oil Pollution



  1. LC-MS-MS Method For Non-Halal Authentication of Raw or Processed Meat Sample
  2. Isothermal Detection Of Meat Species In Food Products
  3. Producing High Bloom Gelatin From Plurality Of Poultry By Products



  1. Rich Bioactive Compounds Of Polygonum Minus (Kesum) Biowaste After Hydrodistillation
  2. Try-Gonna Bee Apps: Ensuring Food Security through App-Guided Urban Beekeeping
  3. Nucleic Acid-Based Lateral Flow Assay Strip For The Detection of Village Chickens
  4. D PalPa An Efficient Pulp Separator for Mesocarp Removal
  5. Extract of Fermented Soybean (FSAE) as an Anti-inflammatory Diet
  6. Manufacturing of Biodegradable Food Container by Utilizing Coconut Waste
  7. Pineapple Peeler
  8. Dabai Nutcracker
  9. Date Palm Seed Coffee, A High Performance-Enhancing Beverage
  10. BANALOP : Green Banana Skin Peeler
  11. SargaPrebio powder
  12. Production Of Antioxidant and Catechin Extracts From Morinda Citrifolia Leaf using Supercritical Fluid Extraction (SFE)
  13. Ultrasound Bath Aided Mixing System
  14. Black Glutinous Rice Spread - Green Tea Milk Spread with Chia Seeds (VerTea) - Rice Nugget
  15. Currypuff Machine



  1. Non-Replicating Recombinant Newcastle Disease Virus as a Viral Vector
  2. Antimetastatic Composition Inhibits Cancer Cell Migration- Invasion
  3. Malaysian Natural Nutraceuticals for Arthritis Relief
  4. Nucleic acid-based diagnostic for leptospirosis
  5. Kratom-Derived Nanoparticles - Emerging New Technology for Wound Therapy
  6. Standardized Paederia Foetida Extract: Potential Remedy For Type 2 Diabetes 
  7. Extract of Andrographis Paniculata For Cognitive Enhancement
  8. Natural Plant-Based Antimicrobial Agent via Nano Emulsion
  9. Bioesst Oleate: Highly Potent Tyrosinase Inhibitor To Treat Hyperpigmentation Disease
  10. Neuroprotective effect of Andrographis paniculata Against Chemotherapeutic-Induced Cognitive Impairment and Peripheral Neuropathy
  11. Cooling Patch from Cucumber Extract
  12. Green Composite Wound Dressing
  13. Novel Fatty Acid Conjugated Tetrapeptide
  14. Chewable and Nutritious Moringa Oleifera Leaves Tablets
  15. Genetic Marker For Rapid And Early Detection Of UV-induced Premature Skin Aging



  1. Method of Treating and Monitoring Stress-Related Diseases Using Wireless EEG System
  2. Wearable Haptic feedback Assistive Navigation Device
  3. The Aircirc-Design And Development Of A Thermal Management Prototype Device
  4. Method And Data Acquisition Database of Bio-Paddle in the KIBO ISS Module for Long Term Space Flight During The Solar Minimum
  5. Intravenous Protector
  6. A method for preparing an electrochemical peptide sensor for uric acid detection
  7. Medical PPE Smart Box
  8. Palm oil-based Nanoemulsion in Water (EW) Insecticide
  9. RGO-PAMAM based SPR Sensor for Rapid Dengue Virus Detection
  10. TB NanoSense Test Kit
  11. Portable Drinking Water Purification Device For Emergency Use
  12. Motorcycle Safety Backrest Seat For Child Pillion Rider
  13. Artificial Blood Conduit For Coronary Heart Diseases



  1. Adaptive Wear For Disabled Elderly
  2. ALGATex: Natural Algae For Textile Product



  1. DC Homes in Future Energy System
  2. Multimode Multiband RF Power Amplifier



  1. Ultra Low Speed Wind Turbine for Onshore Rural Area Usage
  2. Flexi-UC- Flexible and Stable Electric Unicycle
  3. Putra UAV 2.0 Inspection Drone Framekit
  4. Skypatcher - Long Handle Poster Tool
  5. Post Conditioning Machine
  6. PUTRA-HAU Hybrid Airship UAV
  7. An Improved Aerofoil Body
  8. Techno economic hard body armour
  9. LoRa Optimization for Peatland Monitoring
  10. MagKlik Self-align Magnetic Bicycle Pedal System
  11. Skyridder - Long Handle Wire Cutter
  12. Perforated Swivel Dustbin (PSD)
  13. Skytider - Mounting & Hanging Display Device



  1. Graphene Conductive Glove And Method To Manufacture
  2. Biogenic Nanosilica Xerogel From Low Cost Renewable Resources Glutinous Rice Husk
  3. Outdoor Water Filter With Smart Beads
  4. GEOCOAT- A Novel Fire Retardant Coating
  5. GrafinTok - Graphene Technology for Engine Oil
  6. Extraction of valuable materials from sugar cane, kenaf and paper waste through sub-critical water reaction
  7. Withstandable Nanocellulose Dual Layer Polymeric Membrane for Metal Ions Treatment for Fabrication
  8. Mixing of Graphene Nanoplatelets in Rubber Products
  9. Operation Manual For Fabrication Of Green Composite Food Tray
  10. Layer-By-Layer Assembled Composite Materials For Energy Storage
  11. A Door Lock System automatically senses heat
  12. Bio-based Carbon Nanotubes (CNT) Superfiber Materials
  13. Organic conductive paste (OCP)
  14. Photoluminescent Carbon Quantum Dots Derived From Biochar Via A Green Hydrothermal Method



  1. Method Of Producing Woven Oil Palm Composite From Oil Palm Trunk
  2. A Method of Producing Compreg Oil Palm Wood
  3. SABSystem_Timber Framing System
  4. Biopolymer Matrix For Thermal Resistant Moulding Composite
  5. Production Of Lightweight Fibreboard (LDF) From Co-Refined Rubberwood-Kenaf Core Admixture



  1. BGest - Portable Biodigester for Biogas Production From Household 
  2. Mercury Detection at Point-of-Check Using Plasmonic Nanoparticle



  1. ARSPAZE Web-Augmented Reality Platform
  3. COPMOS -Construction Personnel Modelling System
  4. Rabin-p Key Encapsulation Mechanism (KEM)
  5. Harmony Asmaul Husna Ar Mobile Application
  6. Multifactor Weighted Approach Tool
  7. Sensitive Data Management Tool for Cloud Computing Environment
  8. 3D Holographic Rendering
  9. e-site inventory world's first mobile application for site inventory
  10. IBS Foreman


  1. DisleksiaBelajar - Mobile App For Dyslexic Children To Learn The Malay Language
  2. Putra Salamanis Board Game
  3. Dadu Gergasi Imbuhan PAK21
  4. Urban Agrischool Greenhouse
  5. E-Language Exploration
  6. Ethoshunt A Fun Way of Learning
  7. HAR-Go- HACCP Ready Go Board Game
  8. ULAMs -Universiti Location Attendance Management System
  9. Robot Omni-directional Kit for Education
  10. Curriculum Design Information System for Institution of Higher Learning
  11. Improved Runge-Kutta Algorithm for Solving Ordinary Differential Equations Software
  12. Japan Animated Karaoke Assisted Vocabulary Learning
  13. Interactive Multimedia Website In Learning Basic Japanese  
  14. Financial Stability, Business Cycle and Credit Expansion in Malaysia
  15. Abstract Checker



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