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New hybrid fish for the Aquaculture Industry - Kelah-Lampam

Malaysian mahseer hybrid  (Tor tambroides ♂ X Barbonymus gonionotus ♀)

IP : TS202305201

Award : Gold ITEX and MTE 2023


Nowadays, the supply of Mahseer (Tor tambroides) is quite restrained because it relies upon on the availability from the wild. This species highly become a demand and popular as food and sport fish in Malaysia.

However, this species breed in certain season, has slow growth rate and become endangered which is impossible to meet recent market demand. Reproduction in captivity is normally impeded and therefore need to be induced.

Nowadays, hybrid production became one of the very important ways specially to resolve this endangered fish’s problem. Hybridization usually aims positive traits to improve performance of fish such as increase diseases resistance, good flesh quality, sex control ratio and significant in improve fish tolerance in extreme environment.

The desire of hybridization is to develop a hybrid that has characteristic superior to both parents (hybrid vigor) or economical profitable than their parent species. Hybrid fish between Malaysian mahseer (Tor tambroides) and Silver barb (Barbonymus gonionotus) were introduced in this project to overcome this problem and maintain mahseer traits while producing a good quality of hybrid fish.


  • New Hybrid Fish
  • Better/faster growth and feed conversation ratio (FCR) than the parent species.
  • Currently the parent fish such as mahseer is very limited in term of production and mostly caught from the wild. The market price can reach up to RM 600/kg resulting overfishing of this fish.
  • The new hybrid fish was design to become an alternative to the highly sought after fish with some similar characteristics.
  • The hybrid fish is infertile, suitable to be cultured in our water body since it will not damage the genetic structure of local population.


Hybridization is usually aimed  the positive traits that enhanced performance  with respect to:

  • Survival rate
  • Disease resistance
  • Feed conversion
  • Tolerance to low dissolved oxygen
  • Vulnerability to angling and fillet yield



The new fish hybrid have faster growth compared to their parents. Generally stronger and have high tolerance in low dissolved oxygen condition and higher fillet yield. The Mahseer hybrid can be produced all year round (no season).



The aim of this newly hybrid fish is mainly for the aquaculture industry, especially in Malaysia. The market price of the Mahseer Hybrid are expected to be at RM 50-70/kg.

TRL : 6 - Demonstration in real environment



Dr. Fadhil Syukri
Department of Aquaculture, Faculty of Agriculture
Email :



Tarikh Input: 14/11/2023 | Kemaskini: 14/11/2023 | asrizam


Universiti Putra Malaysia
43400 UPM Serdang
Selangor Darul Ehsan