UPM has more than 2000 patented R&D in Malaysia and worldwide in the various field of research. Now we looking a partner from industries (company/entrepreneur/angel investor) to collaborate with us for commercialised out UPM R&D to become products that can benefit the industry, public or nation-building. Putra Science Park (PSP) is the center for UPM innovation management or technology transfer office (TTO) for University Putra Malaysia that supports technology transfer activities in UPM by moving the potential technologies and research from the laboratory to the market.    

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Technology Disclosure & Protection

PSP aims to help UPM researchers disclose, protect (patent/copyright/industrial design/new plant variety), and learn about the best methods for managing their intellectual properties. With a mission to facilitate the transfer of UPM innovations to the government agencies, industry, communities and the general public, our experienced team is here to provide guidance and oversight in managing the university’s intellectual properties. To know more how to protect your invention, please contact our officer at Putra IP Division

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Promotion & Commercialisation

UPM relationships with industry are becoming an important part of research activities at the University. These relationships often include transferring the University’s expertise, Intellectual Properties and know how to the marketplace. UPM researchers are encouraged to engage with industries to seek opportunities in research collaboration as well as commercializing their innovations. Please join our events and activities to promote your technology through our websites, product presentation sessions, press conferences or exhibitions. To know more how to promote and publicized your invention, please contact our officers at Innovation Division

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 eDU-PARK® UPM : Edu-tourism at UPM

Step into the realm of a Research University that has started as School of Agriculture in 1931. Bordering the metropolitan cities of Putrajaya and Kuala Lumpur, UPM bids you welcome to explore harmonious campus life that is occupied by more than 27,000 students from various countries and cultural backgrounds. With its gargantuan size, measuring 1000 hectares, you are free to appreciate the breath-taking views of the vast plantations and jaw-dropping green landscapes.

This opportunity is a moment for you to understand the process of doing research through interaction with the use of various research facilities, accompanied by the best quality in teaching. Together, we increase the knowledge and skills through a conducive learning atmosphere along with guidance provided by our experienced and trained experts. Not only that, while releasing the palpable wonders around, you may also take your time to pick your favourite fresh products right from the farm at affordable prices.

Now everything’s ready! It’s time to PLAY, LEARN and stay YOUNG!
Come and join our edu-tourism programme, specially crafted by  eDU-PARK® for you!
Our  eDU-PARK® is open to public/school children/kids.


All dedicated PSP staff should obtain the latest information and update your personal information in this website and UPM system to maintain the excellent services to our customer. PSP really appreciate our commitment and efforts to make a good communication with our clients.



Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) is one of the most vibrant universities in conducting academia-industry collaboration initiatives within the university sphere as an interaction platform between researchers, industry, companies, government and public. For a clear implementation of this initiative, Putra Science Park (PSP) has rebranded the concept of Science Park with the establishment of the Next2U@Putra Programme.

In support of the university’s research-intensive culture, state-of-the-art facilities are one of the strong factors to facilitate research and effective technology transfer. 

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SUMOSACK Ergonomic Pineapple Harvesting Basket
This Research and Development (R&D) started since 2015 and has been developed to improve musculoskeletal diseases (MSD) among agricultural workers in the long run. This technology specifically reduces discomfort and physiological workload of pineapple harvesters.
SUMOSACK Ergonomic Pineapple Harvesting Basket
Dabai Nutcracker
Dabai Nutcracker
Withstandable Nanocellulose Dual Layer Polymeric Membrane for Metal Ions Treatment for Fabrication
Withstandable Nanocellulose Dual Layer Polymeric Membrane for Metal Ions Treatment for Fabrication
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Qarbotech Crowned as the Grand Winner
Qarbotech Crowned as the Grand Winner
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