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Smart Enzyme - Improved Formulation Of A Liquid Biofertilizer


Excessive use of chemical fertilizer could lead to soil quality deterioration, always associated with environmental pollution. Biofertilizer is a promising alternative, but most of the current biofertilizer products in the market are in solid form, which is bulky and poses difficulties during storage and large-scale field application. These products normally require a large storage room with controlled ambient conditions.

The existing products also consist of an unknown population of beneficial microorganisms, sometimes inactive or dead cells, due to the unfavorable composition of the inoculum media. The shelf life is also relatively shorter, which could pose a problem during commercialization steps. The natural composting process of organic materials is generally slow and often takes a long time due to the insufficient indigenous cellulolytic bacteria


Smart Enzyme invented as formulation of a liquid biofertilizer consisting of optimum amendment for a prolonged shelf life of a consortium of beneficial cellulolytic bacterial strains.

This liquid biofertilizer comprises a consortium of cellulolytic plant growth-promoting rhizobacteria (PGPR) which has been proven to promote plant growth and yield and enhance the composting process of organic residues. It is used as one ingredient in a SIRIM-certified, commercialized organic fertilizer called Milagro premium. The formulation of this biofertilizer consists of an optimum range of nutrients, protein, carbon sources, and amendments of humic acid for an extended shelf life of 12 months, under normal room temperature and conditions

As beneficial microbe (PGPR), to improve the growth and yield of various crops, while minimizing chemical fertilizer usage. As cellulolytic bacteria, to enhance the decomposing process of organic residue into a high-quality organic fertilizer. This technology is collaboration effort between UPM and Hj Mat Hj Jantan Sdn Bhd.


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Dr. Ali Tan Kee Zuan

Faculty of Agriculture

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