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KIK Langit Putra PSP Shares Innovation Development Experience at FPP


SERDANG, 23 June - PSP KIK Team Leader shared the method of innovation development through the Innovative and Creative Group (KIK) method to the staff of the Faculty of Education Studies (FPP) of UPM which consists of professional officers and implementers.

Asrizam Esam as the leader of the KIK Putra Science Park- TNCPI group that is Langit Putra has shared his experience and methods of implementing activities that have been carried out by Langit Putra. This sharing session was held at Putra Future Classroom FPP, which was attended by nearly 30 participants.

This sharing session on the implementation of innovation and creative work is the result of an initiative carried out by the Chief Assistant Registrar of the Faculty of Education, namely Mrs. Norizajune Abu Bakar who intends to make KIK activities a culture of innovation for FPP which can also be highlighted on the Service Quality and Innovation Day ( HKIP) UPM this year. He hopes that FPP members will be able to establish a KIK team to overcome the problems in the faculty through innovation methods and then join HKIP for this year.

According to Asrizam, sharing the success of the KIK Langit Putra team is expected to provide motivation and an injection of enthusiasm to faculty members to continue to generate new ideas, solve problems, and generate innovation to help increase creativity and also productivity at FPP. The output is to increase FPP customer satisfaction based on increased productivity.

The involvement of more UPM people towards the production of new innovations will also increase the generation of new intellectual property that can be commercialized and will be able to help the University achieve the commercialization KPI Target which is also contributed by professional officers and implementers at UPM

Date of Input: 27/06/2023 | Updated: 27/06/2023 | asrizam


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