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PSP Reading Corner Won TNCPI Office Reading Corner Contest

SERDANG, Aug 5 - PSP Reading Corner Wins TNCPI Office Read @ UNI Reading Corner Competition when crowned as the first winner of the competition defeating its other competitor, the Research Management Center and the Administrative Division of the TNCPI Office. The competition was judged by 2 judges from the UPM Sultan Abdul Samad Library organized by the TNCPI Office.

The competition is an effort by the TNCPI Office to ensure that each department has its own READ @ UNI corner as recommended by the university.

The Reading Corner is called the Lantern of Knowledge which describes a space that illuminates the knowledge of PSP staff and visitors. The Beacon of Knowledge covers 5 major categories such as fiction and non-fiction books, innovation, design, marketing and interactive interactive children's play, staff and eDU-PARK visitors.

Relaxing book reviews and Lantern Explanations during the judging are among the exciting performances during the judging session on July 23, 2019.

Other reading activities include sapphire activities, monthly book reviews and contests creating innovation-themed poems, e-books and more.

According to Nor Azizah Ismail, Deputy Head of Reading Corner PSP, the angle was originally eDU-PARK UPM but had to be modified at the last minute due to a change in the location of the reading angle.

The PSP staff continued to devote their ideas and energy to the completion of this reading project after the initial planning was changed and eventually the team's efforts were successful.

He expects the culture of reading to be continuously cultivated among PSP staff and this angle can be fully utilized to enhance staff knowledge.

Date of Input: 14/08/2019 | Updated: 14/10/2019 | asrizam


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