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UPM Innovation Demonstration at Sarawak

BETONG, 19 April 17 - Demo session of another innovation from Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM), Pepper Decorticator Machine by Assoc. Prof  Dr Rosnah Shamsudin from the Faculty of Engineering UPM, Mr Ahmad Zakir Wira Jaafar, CEO of Commercialisation PSP and Ms Christine Jamie, CEO of RJ Machine Solution Sdn Bhd, a startup company under PSP-UPM Innohub Programme, at Rumah Panjang, Betong, Sarawak.

This innovation is funded by the Rural Transformation Programme Grant under MOHE to produce and help pepper farmers test several of these machines at Rumah Panjang Melina Spak, Betong Sarawak.

Among present were representatives from Sarawak's Malaysian Pepper Board, SME Corp, MITI, MPC, PNS, SSN, SEDC, Agro-bank and Kraftangan Malaysia and 95 pepper farmers from three Rumah Panjang Sarawak.

Date of Input: 02/05/2017 | Updated: 13/06/2017 | asrizam


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