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Oct 14 - The celebration of World Standards Day (World Standards Day) is celebrated on October 14 every year for every consumer given by thousands of experts around the world who are constantly striving to raise awareness in regulators, industry and standards-related consumers. The Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation (MOSTI) and Putra Science Park UPM wish Happy World Standard Day.
Earth, the vessel of life is limited in the breadth of our solar system. Life on earth depends on the energy coming from the sun. However, over the past century, our large-scale human-industrial and modern industrial activities have added natural greenhouse gases. They have a negative impact on our climate and on all forms of life. At the same time rapid population growth and extensive urbanization require the responsible use of limited resources.
To reduce human impact on our planet, we need political will, concrete action and the right tools. International standards are one such tool. The international standards provided by IEC, ISO and ITU take into account the correct and accurate solutions to meet the technical challenges. They help share the expertise and knowledge of members extensively in developed and developing countries. The standards cover all aspects of energy saving, water and air quality.
They set standard protocols and measurement methods. Its extensive use helps reduce environmental impacts from industrial production and processes, facilitates limited reuse of resources and improves energy efficiency.

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