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Congruence Between Music And Movement


The quality of a performance could be enhanced based on the increasing congruence of five parameters.

The use of music as background audio was usually too subjective and based on preferences, popularity without concern on the perception.

This invention highlights the importance of shared parameters between music and movement in sports routines.

Five shared parameters were used including tempo, phrasing, pitch direction, accent and dynamic. From the investigations, the increase congruence of the six parameters could enhance the perceived quality of the athlete’s performance.

The same approach could also be applied to other field such as multimedia, games, advertisements and others that involve both sound/music and human movements.

The use of music as background for many aspects are often subjective and based upon individual preferences.

This invention aims to propose scientific recommendations that the combination of sound and movement are based on certain fundamental principles as both subjects shared similar parameters.

The invention also recommends music is tailor-made to an existed choreography and not otherwise.

Market potential :  Advertisement, multimedia presentation, dance, sports routines, theatrical production etc.

- Exhibit a basic theoretical model to enhance the perceived performance quality. 

- The theory can be applied to any field that uses sound/music and movement.


TRL : 5 - Validation in real environment



Assoc Prof. Dr. Loo Fung Chiat
Music Department, Faculty of Human Ecology UPM

Tarikh Input: 14/11/2023 | Kemaskini: 14/11/2023 | asrizam


Universiti Putra Malaysia
43400 UPM Serdang
Selangor Darul Ehsan