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E-Language Exploration

Language Exploration series 2020 is a set of English language enrichment e-games using apps called Hunting with e-language that specifically aims to provide an opportunity for primary school students in year 2 and year 3 (8 to 9 years old) or specifically low achievers to learn the English language in a fun way by utilising the Augmented Reality (AR) and Visual Reality (VR) technology as part of their learning process. This programme is an explore-based scavenger hunt which focuses on the vocabularies that the students have learnt in the syllabus.



This programme focuses on Mobile Augmented Reality (MAR) technology to enhance learning among students in primary schools. It specifically focuses on primary year 2 and 3 learners who struggle in learning literacy and numeracy.

-This product aims to change the scenario in learning English language especially among special need or low achiever learners. The programme will allow these students to explore and develop the language at the same time.

-Different from traditional learning, a more immersive environment can be experienced where the student can explore in 360 degree scenario via virtual reality experience.

-With the creation and implementation of AR materials, it will be able to enrich the textbook to be more interactive and able to facilitate the learning process of these learners in understanding vocabulary and eventually able to use the words in their learning.


Dr Ilyana Jalaluddin
Faculty of Modern Languages

Date of Input: 26/02/2021 | Updated: 26/02/2021 | asrizam


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