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FITRAH: The next generation digital video recorder (DVR) System


FITRAH is using Artificial Intelligence technology, which is designed to spot crimes before it happens. This technology is based on deep learning, game theory and Bayesian network.


Deep learning helps to differentiate between human and objects such as cars or animals. Game theory is to develop the strategies, which will detect crimes by giving a warn and avoid criminals to do the crimes. Bayesian network is using to identify whether those activities are crimes or not.

The development of this technology because of the lack of local technology and product that can meet the local demand in this country. Most of Artificial Intelligence technology are from USA and China that can contribute to security issues. Some of the companies in Malaysia are using Artificial Intelligence technology without take into consideration of the effects.


Prevention is beter than cure. Crime prevention intends to alter social conditions by avoiding crime through technologies. Surveillance and the perception of surveillance hinder the commission of crime. FITRAH is aim to discourage individuals from committing crime by giving 24/7 surveillance and avoiding individuals turn into criminal.


A building completely covered by a CCTV designed to monitor every movement of the human or objects. The CCTV is run by a fast-learning Artificial Intelligence, which is designed to spot crimes before it is happen. FITRAH is Behavior-based system that analyses and learns a particular surrounding’s behavior and based on that it provides alerts as show in the figure above. These alerts are based on abnormal behavior. Additionally, it can send alerts to through WhatsApp application. FITRAH’s behavioral recognition system builds real-time alerts by teaching itself to recognize unexpected behaviors within data streams generated by CCTV. This self-learning, smarter approach to automated situational awareness helps users make better, faster safety and security decisions without overwhelming staff with large numbers of non-critical alerts.


This technology has been fully tested at Masjid Bandar Tun Hussein Onn for monitoring “mosque bank” for avoiding the crimes.


FITRAH can differentiate the crimes without rely on a human to tell it what behavior is suspicious. It learns that all by itself. FITRAH can recognize a precursor pattern that could be associated with a crime before it happens.


FITRAH is aimed to discourage individuals from commiting crime by giving 24/7 surveillance and avoiding individuals become criminal.



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