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Flexi-UC Flexible and Stable Electric Unicycle

Flexi-UC provides an improved electric powered self-balancing unicycle device comprising a main frame assembly having main frame body adapted to house a primary wheel rotatably connected to the unicycle device;

  • a drive arrangement adapted to drive the primary wheel;
  • a balance control system adapted primarily to maintain fore-aft balance of the unicycle device by controlling the drive arrangement;
  • an auxiliary support system which includes among others

A pair of secondary wheels capable of being alternated between a first longitudinally extended configuration and a second longitudinally retracted configuration.


  • The suitable user range of age is from 10 to 50 years old.
  • For startup, it can be applied in UPM area and students and lecturer may rent it. 20-30 unit can be produced for this purpose.
  • The end user will be normal civilian disregarding income classification.


1.Workers who work in office

It can be the one who use public transport or use personal car. People will start using public transport more when they use the new unicycle since it save energy and can avoid lengthy waiting for the bus. Workers who are avoiding traffic jam in road will turn to use public transport with the existence of the new unicycle.

  1. Residential people

They may use the unicycle to go to any nearby shop or meeting friend. In Malaysia, people who often go to mosque will also attracted to buy and use the unicycle to go to mosque.

  1. Student in university or college

They may buy the unicycle for quick transportation from their home to their lecture building.

TRL : 6 – Validation in real environment



Dr. Muhammad Azim  Azizi
Faculty of Engineering
Email  : muhdazim@upm.edu.my


Date of Input: 04/08/2023 | Updated: 04/08/2023 | asrizam


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