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Skyridder - Long Handle Wire Cutter

Advertisement buntings are still widely used in Malaysia because of their low cost, easy to operate and lot of services offer by the company. Difficulties to dismantle the buntings or leftover rusted wire that need to use a ladder in uncertainty condition can cause a risk of ladder falls based on UPM risk evaluation matrix, disrupts the scenery, and pollute the environment. On the other hand, the rusted wire is left on the street lighting columns due to the dumping of illegal advertisements in the residential areas in Malaysia.


Skyridder, is a working prototype that can simplify the process of removing wires on lamp posts without using a ladder, speed up the process, improve worker safety, and is low cost.

Skyridder can also help to speed up the uninstallation of buntings and taking down the illegal advertisements. Its also helps the community to make sure the cleanliness of lamp post and environment.


  • can reach height up to 5.5 meter from the ground,
  • 85% speedup the process
  • 98% cheaper compare than imported tools
  • reduce 75% weight from average imported tools,
  • easy to use and adjustable handle
  • avoid using a ladder to improve worker`s safety

Intellectual Property AR2019004073




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Date of Input: 04/08/2023 | Updated: 05/09/2023 | asrizam


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