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The First Spanish Songs with Animation Video in Malaysia

Interactive Learning in Spanish Language through Online Blog Application


This product consists of five Spanish songs with five animation that were 100% created and develeped by a Malaysian. The five songs were written and music arranged based on the topics learnt by the students at the first level. The purpose of the product created was not intended to be at the same level as the songs created by the native Spanish speaker. But the product will give the opportunity for the students the choice for making references since the materials for teaching were imported from abroad so therefore the cost will be more expensive. The songs written and music arranged were related to the title, My family, Adjective, Color, Number and Verbs Conjucation. The choice of choosing the lyrics was based on the teaching and learning of Spanish purposes.


The materials imported from Spain are expensive and will cost more than hundreds of ringgit. This situation can be seen as a barrier for students in having them for references. Therefore, the researcher feels that it is time for local lecturer to teach Spanish and create new materials for the process of teaching and learning. Based on the researcher’s experience in teaching Spanish for nearly 15 years, it is wise to create the product for the purpose of teaching students learning Spanish. This is because learning through audio visual can help students in increasing their listening, speaking and writing skills in Spanish. Spanish course offered in Malaysia can be seen in UM, UKM, UPNM, UPSI, USM, UUM, UTHM, UMP UMT, Multimedia University and so on. Therefore, the researcher feels that the product is created and developed for the students or community who wants to learn Spanish.




The product is able to compete with the products from abroad based on the costs since this product offers reasonable price and is also the first product created by a Malaysian in Malaysia. Therefore, it is proud for the researcher to show the evidence that a local can also produce that will be recognized at international level.





The technology benefits the community because the researcher’s contribution in developing the product can be seen as one big contribution towards the country. We do not need to import materials for teaching that are expensive especially during the downfall of the economy.


This technology was given the copyright protection from Universiti Putra Malaysia and targeted consumers such as school and university students or community who are interested in learning Spanish.




Dr. Salina Husain is a senior lecturer at the Department of Foreign Language, Faculty of Modern Languages and Communication UPM. She teaches the Spanish language for almost 15 years in a few universities including UPM. Her expertise is in the Spanish and Comparative study that is, one of the linguistics studies. She is also the first Spanish lecturer graduated in Malaysia.


by Asrizam Esam


Date of Input: 16/08/2017 | Updated: 16/01/2018 | asrizam


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