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Ultra-portable water filter with microporous activated carbon derived from palm kernel shell

PI 2019004543

A method for enhancing micropores for an activated bioadsorbent. Fabrication of highly microporous structure activated carbon derived from palm kernel shell via integrated treatment.

53% of the river water in Malaysia is classified as slightly polluted or polluted. Simultaneously, the issue of polluted rivers will be connected to water disruption and deterioration of drinking water quality.

The novel process approach by the integrated treatment was found to produce commercial grade activated carbon with a high surface area and containing entire 80% of micropore surface which demonstrating an extremely high adsorption by using a low activation temperature.

The demand for activated carbon all over the world will continue to increase, approaching an estimated USD 8.12 billions in 202.1. Coal is the most common source of activated carbon. However, coal mining adversely affects the global environment and ecosystem and global momentum is swinging away from the usage of coal.

The conventional method of producing activated carbon required high temperatures, which contributes to the high manufacturing cost and a low yield. High temperatures will also increase the ash content, which can fill or block some of the existing micropore volume, resulting in the low adsorption properties for activated carbon.

AquaPod has excellent adsorption properties, which performs three times better than conventional filter. It is compact, portable and generally fit all faucet. This green production of value-added products from waste biomass provides dual environmental benefits by preventing pollution and improve waste management.


Prof. Dato Dr. H’ng Paik San
Institute of Tropical Forestry and Forest Products

Date of Input: 17/05/2022 | Updated: 16/08/2022 | asrizam


Universiti Putra Malaysia
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