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Kandungan Kursus

Kandungan Kursus

Modul 1:

Intra-Organisational Market (Overview of IP Commercialization)

This module provides an overview of IP commercialisation for participants from Technology Transfer Centres.


Modul 2:

IP Protection & Management

This module provides a basic understanding of methods of IP protection, evaluation and strategies of IP management, marketing and promotion.


Modul 3:

IP Commercialization Framework

In this module, the participants would be able to understand, practice and relate with case studies of commercialization framework that covers various vehicles, models and components in technology transfer.


Modul 4:

Organization - Industry Engagement

In this module, the mode of communication to reach out to industrial players will be explored. Various marketing and promotion channels will be explained.


Modul 5:


This modules covers the knowledge, skills and activities involved prior to, throughout and post negotiation phase in the technology transfer framework.


Modul 6:

Spin off Company / Start-up Company

This module is meant to guide to incubation start-ups. It covers the objective and the importance of start-up within the university/research institute environment; the organisational structure in start-up; the governance and operation of start-up and the risk management in start-up.


Modul 7:

Best Practices

This module covers various practices of the TTO structure, commercialization pathways, and Return of Investment (ROI) to the organization. It also reveals the issues related to financial and human resource management, and the current practices being adopted to bring R&D and innovation to marketplace and translate them into value and wealth creation to the economy.

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