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Guidelines For Research And Intellectual Property Promotion of Universiti Putra Malaysia


This guideline is subjected to the policy of Universiti Putra Malaysia
(University Intellectual Property and Commercialisation Rights) 2013 (S.UU(B)001/13) and
Research and Innovation Management Procedures (UPM/PU/PY/P001)    


  1. The Office of the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research and Innovation), Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) is responsible for monitoring the dissemination of research, intellectual property (IP) and innovations produced by UPM employees at both local and abroad levels.


  1. Putra Science Park (PSP) as the trusted organisation in charge of intellectual property protection and technology transfer centre of UPM, is responsible for monitoring the participation of UPM employees in the dissemination of research and IP results through promotional activities, exhibitions or research and innovation competitions especially in the involvement with external parties of UPM for the purpose of gaining recognition, making public announcements, or accelerating potential collaborations with external parties.


  1. All research finding is required to apply or must have possessed the intellectual property protection through PSP [] whether in the form of patents, copyrights, trade secrets, industrial designs, integrated circuit layouts, trademarks, or new plant varieties before they are promoted or exhibited to the external parties to protect the interests of UPM research findings from any exploitation of research by external parties’ purposes.


  1. Every promoted research and IP result is expected to obtain potential opportunities for collaboration with the industry, make announcements to the stakeholders and the public and uplift UPM’s brand visibility and gain recognition.


  1. Research and IP information is recommended to use IP title and provide clear information that can be understood by the industry and the public, able to provide a clear explanation on current issues and problems that can be overcome by research results, provide a justification on the advantages, applications of usage, market potential, IP reference number and research related photos including UPM’s identity logo.


  1. Every participation of UPM’s employee in external exhibitions of UPM must be informed to the responsible party, PSP through the PSP Innovation Promotion and Marketing Section [] before participating in any exhibition. UPM’s employee is obligated to re-inform PSP on any success/awards/potential collaboration obtained after the exhibition for university and ministry reporting purposes.


  1. Any feedback regarding collaboration with external parties/industry/agencies such as technology commercialisation, research collaboration, consultancy services related to the IP concerned, may refer to the Innovation Promotion and Marketing Section, PSP for follow-up action.


Prepared By:

Innovation Promotion and Marketing Section,
Promotion and Commercialisation Division,
Office of Deputy Vice Chancellor (Research and Innovation)
Universiti Putra Malaysia

Updated:: 04/01/2022 [asrizam]


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