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Potential Remedy For Type 2 Diabetes - Standardized Paederia Foetida Extract


Paederia foetida L. is a plant widely distributed in Asian countries. The plant has been used as a traditional remedy for diabetes, rheumatism, digestive problems, and etcetera.

Herbal medicine is one of the subgroups of complementary and alternative medicinal (CAM) therapies. Many patients consider CAM over conventional therapies due to dissatisfied outcomes from the conventional therapies, higher treatment costs and increased side effects of modern medicines.

Although some herbal medicines have promising potentials and are widely used, many of them are still lacking in scientific evidence evaluation and quality control, remain untested, particularly on bio-efficacy, safety evaluation and bio-markers profiling. 

Our invention offers a better alternative for herbal medicine, which has been scientifically proven to be an effective antidiabetic agent with minimal side effects, The identification and quantification of bioactive chemical markers in the invention is the base strategy for quality assessment of the product.

The invention is a plant -based product, effective in lowering blood glucose in vitro and in vivo. The invention showed no cytotoxic effect, good antioxidant  and safe to be consumed.

The product invention used a  standardized herbal extract with quantified  concentration of the bioactive compound. The production of the invention is via green synthesis, Environmental friendly, simple  and low-cost production.

The  invention used under utilised local plant that is    easy-to-grow herb. The final supplement includes an exact amount of the chemical compound derived from the herb.

This process also ensures quality of the preparation containing the controlled quantity of the active compound for every batch consistency of the same herbal extract.

Market Potential -  TRL 5

The global Herbal medicine Industry is expected to increase due to high patient demand for herbal therapy. Indian herbal market is providing a good source of income to both farmers and traders.

People oriented towards a scientific point of view feel the need to quantify health-giving possibilities by knowing the concentration of the chosen active principle (constituent) used to achieve proven results. Lab analysis for example HPLC and UV used to ascertain the consistency of a marker ingredient in each batch helps a consumer concerned and thrust the benefits of commercial products they consumed.


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Dr. Nur Kartinee Kassim 
Faculty Science
Expertise : Natural product chemistry and biochemistry
Contact : kartinee@upm.edu.my


Tarikh Input: 25/09/2023 | Kemaskini: 25/09/2023 | asrizam


Universiti Putra Malaysia
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