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Commercialisation Negotiation

In the process of commercializing UPM`s intellectual property or technologies, initial discussions could be arranged by researchers with the industry (preferably with the presence of a representative from PSP).

Further, PSP will represent UPM for the negotiation of the technology licensing agreement method, licensing fees and royalties.


In negotiating technology licensing agreements, we strive to ensure that the needs and interests of UPM and researchers are met.

  • to protect the values and interests of the university`s research community,
  • to protect academic freedom, scientific integrity, the pursuit of knowledge and open exchange of ideas and information.

PSP will always discuss with the researcher every decision that will be proposed.

The involvement of the Head of Research and the research team is very important in ensuring that the commercialization process is successfully implemented

All matters related to the commercialisation of research output involving UPM researchers with any industry/company should refer to the Putra Science Park Director. 


Updated:: 03/03/2021


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