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Commercialisation Process

PSP strongly believes in the benefits and importance of technology transfer in commercialising UPM`s technologies and encourages research collaborations with industry nationally and internationally.

PSP initiates and conducts interactions, presentations and negotiations with various industries on behalf of UPM with the involvement of researchers.

It is PSP`s mission to transfer technologies from the lab to the market that would benefit society.

Mode of Commercialisation UPM - Company

1)  Licensing of Intellectual Property 
      (patent/industrial design/copyright/trademark/know-how/tradesecret)

  • Type of Licensing: Exclusive, Non-exclusive
  • Cost includes: Licensing fee and Royalty 
    (this income will be distributed to UPM and the research group members)

2) Assignment  of IP

  • Selling out UPM intellectual property rights to the company
  • Cost includes: Outright sales
    (this income will be distributed to UPM and the research group members)


All UPM technology commercialization collaborations are through the above two methods. In addition, PSP-UPM also developed a start-up company program to commercialize UPM technology products.

Selected researchers, students, and entrepreneurs will be involved to develop the establishment of this start-up company under the UPM InnoHub Program.


Contact PSP Technology Transfer Unit, for more details.  

Updated:: 16/03/2021


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