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Fermented soybean, Anti-Inflammatory Meal Replacement

Fermented soybean, Anti-Inflammatory Meal Replacement

Fermented soybean is well known for its benefit and often used as meal replacement. It is made of organic soybean from an organic environment and inoculated. It then has gone through a fermentation process composed of soybean, water, lactic acid bacteria, fungus, yeast, enzymes, or a mix.  


What makes fermented soybean as a good meal diet plan is because it is rich in nutrients, prebiotics and consists of vitamins and minerals but also low in sodium and carbohydrates. 


This invention is highly developed to disclose the effective composition of Fermented Soybean in protecting adult zebrafish or even humans against Pb toxicity. Thus, developing a dietary supplement or adjuvant therapy against inflammation is one of the main focuses in developing this innovation.


Previous studies that were carried out using the zebrafish model are mainly focused on screening or analysing the toxicity of Putrabiotic and the effect of an unfermented or fermented soybean diet on zebrafish. The prophylactic approach of fermented soybean against lead-induced disease was only carried out on rodents or flies but not on zebrafish. 



This invention has novelty in the standardised extract of fermented soybean (tempeh) particularly responsible for the anti-inflammatory property and mitigates the toxicity effect. The prophylactic protection of FSAE on Pb-induced inflammation is the first to be applied to the zebrafish model. The results could be extrapolated to the possible diet in humans.


Dr. Intan Safinar

Date of Input: 20/03/2023 | Updated: 21/03/2023 | aishah


Universiti Putra Malaysia
43400 UPM Serdang
Selangor Darul Ehsan