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SUMOSACK Ergonomic Pineapple Harvesting Basket

This Research and Development (R&D) started since 2015 and has been developed to improve musculoskeletal diseases (MSD) among agricultural workers in the long run.
This technology specifically reduces discomfort and physiological workload of pineapple harvesters.



Pineapple harvesting contributes to musculoskeletal diseases (MSD) among this agricultural sector. In Malaysia, pineapples are harvested manually using rattan baskets and workers carry cumulatively 500-600 kg of fruits per day.

Workers need to bend excessively and are exposed to awkward posture such as bending more than 45⁰, forceful exertion with repetitive lifting and lowering with twisted body posture and contact stress. These are ergonomic risk factors as specified under Guidelines of Ergonomic Risk Assessment 2017 by Department of Occupational Safety and Health, Malaysia.



  • As an alternative harvesting tool made using ergonomic principles and specifically supports the UNSDG8
  • MyGAP certification - one element is safety and health of workers Malaysian Standard MS 1784:2005 Crop Commodities – Good Agricultural Practices (GAP).
    Pushing for plantation to encourage ergonomic safe work methods.
  • Assist companies to comply with legal requirement as control measures by employer in the implementation of better work tools. This will encourage plantations owners to move to towards the use of ergonomic and safe tools.


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Project Leader  : Assoc Prof. Dr. Emilia Zainal Abidin
Dept./Faculty   : Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences
Email               : @
Phone              : 013-304264
Expertise         : Occupational Safety and Health

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