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Longe Medical helps produce 5,000 face masks

SERDANG - Longe Medikal Sdn Bhd collaborates with 30 other UPM experts and volunteers in producing at least 5,000 face masks for the use of medical personnel at nearby hospitals.

The face protection production project was carried out to help curb the spread of the COVID-19 epidemic in Malaysia by emphasizing designs that meet the best protection requirements as endurance, effectiveness. Design tests were conducted in several hospitals with the help of consumer feedback by NGOs.

Lounge Medikal Sdn Bhd is a startup company guided by InnoHub Putra Science Park Universiti Putra Malaysia and has commercialized the technology and innovation of 3D printing systems in the medical field.

In this regard, to help address the spread of the COVID-19 epidemic, the Chief Executive Officer of Lounge Medikal Sdn Bhd, Muhammad Izzat Sabri expressed his desire to use the expertise and facilities in their company to produce the face mask.

However, Izzat Sabri hopes that there is an incentive of raw materials that can be given to him to facilitate the production of face masks in larger quantities for the use of the hospital.

Date of Input: 30/03/2020 | Updated: 26/11/2020 | asrizam


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