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Cellulose Nanofiber Production

Nanocellulose is a term referring to nanostructured cellulose which
has a diameter of less than 100 nm. Nanocellulose has special properties
such as lightweight, high strength, high crystallinity, high specific surface
area, and biodegradable.

These special features make nanocellulose very suitable as an additive
in various industries such as plastics, composites, foods, cosmetics,
health products, etc.

Nanocellulose can be used to improve the properties of the products
and replace the existing chemicals by improving the quality of materials.

ZoepNano Sdn Bhd
T: 019-4921298




Organic Conductive Paste (OCP)

Conductive carbon materials, such as CNTs, graphite, and carbon black,
have been used in the manufacture of pastes and coatings for a wide range
of printed electronic applications including batteries, supercapacitors,
electrochemical sensors, PCB resistors, printed heaters and more recently
in solar energy harvesting.

Carbon conductive pastes have a host of favorable characteristics that allow
them to be used in various applications, including chemical inertness,
the ability to be modified or functionalized in the case or electrochemical sensors
and ability to act as intercalating materials in the case of energy storage,
as well as low cost and disposability.

Serdang Paste Tech Sdn. Bhd.
T: 019 – 4276782 



NOVAMASTIC Stone Mastic Asphalt 
- created to resolve the issues of durability and longevity of roads.
A high coarse aggregate content that interlocks to form a stone skeleton
that resists permanent deformation

T: +601 7625 0001






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