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Agriculture Product


Milagro Premium Fertilizer

• Enhance a green color to the leaves.
• Promotes leaf growth.
• Accelerates tree growth.
• Accelerate root production.
• Increases tree strength.
• Helping the process of making plant food (photosynthesis).
• Root formation.
• 100% organic.

Hj Mat Hj Jantan Sdn.Bhd
T: 06-332 3644  | 019-6564111



Milagro Matado 
Plant Based Bioinsecticide Composition

Garlic (Allicin) and guava extract are two bioactive ingredients found in the organic insect repellant Matado (Azadirachtin).
This product helps in repelling pests and disrupts the digestive system of pests so that it can cause death to the insects.

Hj Mat Hj Jantan Sdn.Bhd
T: 06-332 3644 | 019-6564111



HarvastPhotosynthesis Enhancer

Novel innovation to enhance photosynthesis to increase plant growth rate, boost plant yield and shorten plant cycle.
Harvast is formulated with a technology that uses a special organic compound which has similar features as chlorophyll.
The technology behind Harvast enhances -

  • 30% increase in plant growth,
  • 25% reduction in crop cycle, and
  • 20% increase in sweetness of fruits (pineapple).

Harvast-treated crops have shown resilience to drought.
It has the potential to benefit agriculture in countries which receive less sunlight.

Qarbotech Sdn Bhd
Shahril: 017-3267876
Zhafir: 010-7989462 / 017-3267876






-Indoor hydroponic kit that was designed to meet the needs and inspiration of urban agropolis lifestyle

Dekoponix Sdn Bhd
T: 012-537 2264



Vita-Grow® - The growth and yield enhancer

  • Increased plant yield and enhance crop quality
  • Stimulate flowering, leading to better fruit setting
  • Prevent shedding of flowers and buds.

Diversatech (M) Sdn Bhd
T: 03-8926 3103



ZAPPA®  - The rice seeds germination enhancer

Seedlings from ZAPPA® PLUS treated paddy seeds are known to have improved in their root and shoot growth. Seedlings germinated from paddy seeds treated with active oxygen present in ZAPPA® PLUS are found to grow vigorously under anaerobic direct seeding.

Diversatech (M) Sdn Bhd
T: 03-8926 3103



Putra GenesTM- Biji benih jagung

Green World Genetic Sdn. Bhd.
Dr Chua Kim Aik (CEO)
Tel : +603-62759903







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