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REMDII Sensitive cream
- A light weight, non greasy repairing serum specially formulated with effective nano-delivery system to enhance skin penetration and absorption of bioactive.

Lipidware Sdn. Bhd. (1178933-V) - real science
T: 012-290 3336 
    011-1620 0826 



Afdhal Oil - An Additive for Edible Oil Composition

- Edible oil herbal additive from edible plant extract can reduce oil absorption and oxidation in fried food. Edible oil herbal additive into the frying oil, helped maintain the color, flavor, reduce oiliness, improve crispiness, taste and overall quality of the fries even after 40 hours of frying

Kantan Premium - Therapeutic Herbal Bath
- Product formulators use essential oils in place of oils derived from petrochemicals, as they have a better affinity with the skin

EtlinGEra Sdn. Bhd
T: 03-89530016 / Hp: 018-3142018


HSGold ~ Sawda Premium
Thymoquinone Rich Fraction as Cardioprotective and Neuroprotective Agents
-Contains more than 10 times antioxidants compared to the black seed oil in the market

Nutracreme Sdn. Bhd.
T: 019-3010002



Orygold -
Production of GBR (Germinated Brown Rice) as Neutraceutical and Functional Food

OryGold Sdn. Bhd.
T: 016-444 6563
E :


Haruan Cream for personel care - 
Fish Extract Having Pharmaceutical Function  

Abmanan Biomedical Sdn. Bhd. 
T: 010-272 0463


Promolaktin -

Composition for Promoting Lactation with Tumour suppressive properties
Seamax Resources Sdn. Bhd.
Tel : 012-784 3190






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