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Agriculture Product


Harvast - Photosynthesis Enhancer
- novel innovation to enhance photosynthesis to increase plant groeth rate, boost plant yield and shorten plant cycle

Qarbotech Sdn Bhd
Shahril: 017-3267876
Zhafir: 010-7989462 / 017-3267876


-Indoor hydroponic kit that was designed to meet the needs and inspiration of urban agropolis lifestyle

Dekoponix Sdn Bhd
T: 012-537 2264



Bacto10: Liquid Biofertilizer
- most suitable for increased growth of plants and contains non – pathogenic microorganisms that can produce phytohormone to enhance root development and increase water and nutrient uptake

Phytogold Sdn. Bhd.
T: 03-87513127 
E: / 



Sapputra - Water-Based Nanoemulsion Pesticide Formulation of Saponin to Control Apple Snail   

Amco Niaga Sdn Bhd
T: 03-8957 3070