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Master The Malay Language Prefixes

Researchers from the Faculty of Modern Languages and Communication UPM have successfully produced the Prefixes Innovation Kit as one of the approaches in the preparation of the Malay Language teaching and learning process for teachers and students.

Head of the Research Team, Prof. Dr. Vijayaletchumy Subramaniam said, the focus in the production of this innovation kit is to ensure that students can master the prefixes technique through an interactive medium that attract their interest and attention by highlighting the concept of learning while playing.

"Through the Prefixes Innovation Kit, teachers and students are provided with a learning process that combines activities while learning words varying of various learning techniques namely visual, kinetic, auditory, and conversational aspects to optimise the learning objective," she explained.

Interesting teaching and learning process is important to ensure the input provided can be absorbed easily thus promoting an effective understanding, she added.

Interestingly, this innovation comes with contextual learning materials and is presented in various themes, specifically developed to suit students’ learning stages. It provides various advantages namely to serve as a teaching tool for educators in strengthening the learning process and diversifying teaching techniques, providing questions to further strengthen understanding and the manuals included provide educators with guidance on how to use the kit easily.  

In addition, a meaningful teaching and learning activities can be established as this innovation emphasizes the contextual learning methods that associate the contents of the lessons with the daily experience of the students so they could relate to and share it with their family, friends, schools, society, and the nation. It can increase the student’s general knowledge and strengthen self-confidence in social interactions.  

This innovation focuses on four elements consisting of prefixes card games, prefixes word search, change the code to prefixes and prefixes word mind test. This innovation emphasizes the playable activities while learning as the component of the mind test question is created in the form of rehabilitation, enrichment, reinforcement, and assessment that are specially formulated according to the year of learning.

This innovation was developed to meet the requirements of the 21st Century Learning framework (PAK-21) outlined by the Ministry of Education Malaysia. The student-centred method is conducted involving the aspects of communication, collaborative, critical thinking, creativity as well as practising values and ethics to create a great personality.

Date of Input: 23/02/2022 | Updated: 23/02/2022 | asrizam


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