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Method for Identification of Seaweed Samples

Agar derived from the cell wall matrix of red seaweeds is the most expensive hydrocolloid which has wide applications in biological research, and in food, cosmetics and pharmaceutical domains. The yield and quality of agar determine its commercial and industrial value in phycocolloid market with gel strength as the main indicator for agar quality. Selection of commercially potential seaweed samples and evaluation of agar properties with conventional method are ineffective in terms of time and cost, labour intensive and requires a large quantity of raw materials.


These inventions involve measurement of transcript abundance of transcript markers with quantitative reversetranscription (qRT)-PCR using specific primers, and protein accumulation of protein markers by Western blot using specific antibodies. The use of molecular markers (transcripts and proteins) that are associated with agar yield and gel strength could offer a rapid and accurate screening tool needed for quick estimation of agar yield and gel strength in seaweed samples.



  • Identification of seaweed samples with high agar yield and gel strength.
  • Estimation of agar content and gel strength by using transcript and protein markers.
  • Replace conventional method in the selection of commercially potential seaweed sample


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Project Leader : Prof. Dr. Ho Chai Ling

Dept./Faculty : Faculty of Biotechnology and Biomolecular Sciences

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Date of Input: 30/07/2021 | Updated: 30/07/2021 | asrizam


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