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Motorcycle Safety Backrest Seat For Child

Motorcycles are a common mode of transport for most Malaysians. Underbone motorcycles are one of the most common types of motorcycle used in Malaysia due to their affordable price and ease of use, especially in heavy traffic in the major cities. In Malaysia, it is common to see a young or child pillion rider clinging on to an adult at the front of the motorcycle. One of the main issues facing young pillion riders is that their safety is often not taken into account when they are riding on a motorcycle. Currently there is no product in the market that addresses the child safety or accident prevention issue. The intervention of new technology is inevitable. Therefore, there is a need for a new safety backrest system for child pillion riders to ensure their safety.

This invention (prototype of a foldable back support in motorcycle seat for the pillion riders usage with corresponding to their anthropometric dimensions) will provide safety comfort to the motorcyclists during the riding process. It will consist of two basic parts. The first part is the base frame of back support which is fixed to the seat frame. The second parts are the back support itself, which are foldable into the base frame from the top of the closed seat. This back support provide support to the young pillion rider. Furthermore, there is a hand and leg support which is foldable away when not being used and the seat can revert to be a normal seat again. The designed prototype suits most underbone motorcycles in the market currently. The developed backrest will enhance the safety and ride comfortability of child pillion riders.

The present invention relates to a child safety seat assembly for two-wheeler vehicles, in particular motorcycles. Two-wheeler vehicles such as motorcycles are a cheap and convenient means of transportation since they have low maintenance cost and do not need a large parking space. However, seats configured for such two-wheeler vehicles are ill-fitting for toddlers and small children as they are unable to reach the footrests which are designed for adult or larger sized riders and thus they cannot be properly seated in such seats. To address this, an adult rider may place the toddler or child on his or her lap or have the child place their arms around the waist of the adult rider while riding the two-wheeler vehicle. Such a practice is dangerous as the adult rider has to concentrate on balancing himself or herself on the two-wheeler vehicle and also balancing the toddler or small child on his or her lap.

Additionally, the toddler or small child would not have mastered the skill of balancing himself or herself on the motorcycle seat due to his or her young age. In the event the two-wheeler vehicle encounters an unexpected bump or rough patch on the road, the toddler or small child may be inadvertently thrown off the two-wheeler vehicle since they are not properly seated.
Improvements have been made to such two-wheeler vehicle seats to improve rider comfort.



• This seat is suitable for Underbone (Kapcai) motorcycles
• The backrest will provide the stability during the riding process (as the backrest support is built-in permanently with the seat and it can withstand the child pillion riders body force).
• The adjustable arms rest will provides stability and additional safety to ensure that the child does not fall out of the motorcycle seat
• The adjustable foot rest is reachable for the child's height and size.
• The seatbelt in the backrest will provide additional stability during the riding process.


Researcher :
Dr. Karmegam Karuppiah
Faculty of Medicine and Health Science

Date of Input: 15/01/2020 | Updated: 21/01/2020 | asrizam


Universiti Putra Malaysia
43400 UPM Serdang
Selangor Darul Ehsan