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Pineapple Pallet for Ruminant Feed


Pineapple Pallet for Ruminant Feed

Food security is one of the main challenges faced by many countries in this century. In ensuring the continuous livestock of ruminants as a source of protein, the pineapple agriculture sector plays an important part in dietary protein for ruminant livestock globally and thus a key driver for securing global food security.

Johor recorded the largest state of pineapple production in Malaysia in line with Malaysia’s 12th Plan with over 9.782 hectares that is capable of producing 181,000 metric tonnes of pineapple a year making it one of the most widely grown plants in our country. 

Pineapple has been processed in a fresh form such as sliced, mashed, jam, chips, candy, and juice. The food industry processing of pineapple produces a large amount of waste, such as skin, crown tip, shoot tip, and core. Applying the concept of ‘From waste to wealth’, the lead researcher from the Faculty of Engineering UPM, Prof. Dr. Rosnah Shamsudin developed an innovation that turns pineapple waste into ruminant feed that comes in pallet form. 

This invention not only provides an efficient way to dispose of pineapple waste but also helps in ensuring the food security of ruminant livestock in Malaysia. If the waste is not handled efficiently, it will cause environmental problems. Efficient management of pineapple waste is highly recommended, and sustainably an effective strategy will be found in reducing the negative impact on the environment by reducing pineapple waste into more useful products.

There are many unused parts of the pineapple, such as leaves, stems, outer skin, and others. This waste can be used as a new product that has economic value with a simple manufacturing process. 


The sustainability of the livestock industry is maintained by utilising pineapple waste as a source of fibre for ruminants. The pineapple pallet provides various advantages such as encouraging sustainable livestock development as well as increasing economic value and lower feed prices.

The pineapple waste ruminant pallets are effective in producing quality meat, increasing growth performance, and cow’s milk production. Pineapple waste contains a lot of soluble sugars making it a low-nutrient feed. The high amount of fibre makes pineapple waste widely used for ruminant animal feed compared to pigs and poultry. 

Date of Input: 26/09/2022 | Updated: 26/09/2022 | aishah


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