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Putra Blok


Putra Blok is an invention of the Housing Research Centre, Universiti Putra Malaysia. It is an innovative, interlocking load bearing, hollow block building system, designed to satisfy the modular coordination requirement as part of the Industrialized Building System (IBS) concept. The system consist of three types of blocks- stretcher, corner and half. Interlocking block work system is promoted as a one of building technique that may result to a more economical construction compared to the conventional.

How does it work
The main idea of Putra Blok is the elimination of the mortar layers. The blocks are interconnected through the provision of protrusions and grooves. Being light and with self-aligning features, the interlocking hollow blocks can be assembled much faster compared to the conventional mortar masonry construction. This will speed up construction and reduce the number of workers.

Material/ method being used
Putra Block system is consists of three different units, namely stretcher, corner and half.. Each unit has different characteristics in terms of geometrical feature and function in a wall system. In general, stretcher unit is the main unit that being used in construction of masonry wall. It also plays a major role in resisting loads subjected to a wall. The other two units also have their specific functions. Corner unit has the function in connecting two or more cross walls at a junction, while half unit has the function as a complementary unit prior to the completion of a wall course.


Putra Blok is to encourage more construction of affordable quality housing. Interlocking load bearing Putra Blok building system provides a cost-effective alternative to the existing building materials and system provided an efficient manufacturing facility is designed, developed and fabricated to mass-produce the Putra Bloks. Extra saving in construction cost is due to the exclusion of mortar, reinforcement bars and plastering in the building structure and the reduced need for skilled labour and shorter construction time. Quality can be assured because of factory manufacture.

The Putra Block system offers advantages such as: -
- Simplicity of the shape selected
- Self-alignment and easy to assemble
- Ability to host horizontal tiles and vertical stiffeners
- Very efficient to withstand force (shear/normal) that developed due to applied loads
- Reasonable weight for easy assembling by general workers
- High strength and good durability
- The load bearing and shear areas provided by the block are resistant to vertical and lateral forces

Special characteristics
Special characteristics of the homes that uses this system are as follows:-
- No structural formwork
- Mortarless interlocking building system
- Easy assembly/self –aligning
- Faster construction
- Modular coordinated dimension
- Encourage Industrialized building system

IP protection
The Putra Blok has been granted a U.K., Malaysia, and US Patent in 2002, 2003 and 2005, respectively. Putra Blok has been commercialized in collaboration with Triple A Engineering Sdn. Bhd.and the target consumer is construction industry such as consultants, contractors or individuals

Achievements and recognitions
- Gold medal, International Exhibition of Inventions in Geneva 2001
- CIDB R&D Award, International Construction Week 2002
- Silver medal, British Invention Show in Alexandra Palace, London 2004
- Silver medal,  International Exhibition  New Product in Nuremberg, German 2004
- Gold Medal, IPTA Exhibition 2005

Dato’ Ir. Abang Abdullah Abang Ali
Housing Research Centre (HRC), Level 10, Tower Block,
Faculty of Engineering, Universiti Putra Malaysia, Selangor Darul Ehsan



Putra Blok


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