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Putra Red: Premium UPM Red Hybrid Tilapia

TM 2016071009

Putra Red tilapia is produced through crossbreeding between female GIFT tilapia and male red hybrid tilapia followed by generations of backcrossing and progeny test with dominant red hybrid parent to produce stable line of new tilapia breed.

Putra Red exhibited red body coloration favored by consumers in this region and inherited superior traits from their GIFT parents such as faster growth performance.

Tilapia is one of the most important freshwater fishes in the aquaculture industry worldwide especially as foodfish. In Malaysia, red hybrid tilapia is more preferred by comsumers compared to other types of tilapias including the superior GIFT tilapia. Red tilapia production in Malaysia reached 31,844.83 tonnes, valued RM332,932.36 (DoF, 2019), up 35.15%

The demand for red hybrid tilapia seedlings among farmers is growing rapidly and production of locally developed high quality tilapia breed is still lacking. Therefore, a research was initiated in UPM to develop and produced a new breed of red hybrid tilapia (called Putra Red) through a genetic selection program.

First tilapia breed scientifically produced and reported through crossbreeding between GIFT tilapia and red hybrid tilapia

Putra Red exhibited faster growth performance higher than ordinary red hybrid tilapia and comparable to the GIFT tilapia

Putra Red retained its red body colouration which is favoured by consumers in Malaysia and this region.

Putra Red tilapia growth faster than ordinary red hybrid tilapia thus making two cycles of fish production per year possible. Moreover, the red appearance of Putra Red tilapia would fetch higher selling price (e.g. RM15/kg) compared to other type of tilapia.


Assoc. Prof. Dr Yuzine Esa
Department of Aquaculture
Faculty of Agriculture

Date of Input: 17/05/2022 | Updated: 17/05/2022 | asrizam


Universiti Putra Malaysia
43400 UPM Serdang
Selangor Darul Ehsan