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There is no cure for eczema. If you see a doctor, there is usually a two-pronged approach to treating eczema: the use of steroids to reduce flare ups followed by a good emollient or moisturizing cream. Our solution and alternative to topical steroid use is REMDII Sensitive. REMDII Sensitive is a deep moisturizing cream formulated with full spectrum vitamin E complementing with other ingredients in a balance blend to repair despaired skin conditions without involving the use steroid. Tocopherol and tocotrienol has been proven clinically to calm itching and burning quickly through their effective anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory actions. Besides, allantoin and hyaluronic acid in the formulation is able to provide key physiologic lipids and powerful hydration power to return the infected skin areas to its original state. Pre-clinical data showed that the formulation of REMDII managed to reduce the itchiness, flaking and intensively repaired the atopic dermatitis conditions within just 2 weeks.


One of the most common and chronic skin disorders of the world is eczema or atopic dermatitis (AD). Eczema occurs in individuals of all races and ages.Mengikut kajian World Health Organization, 10% -20% of all socities suffer from eczema -   It is an inflammatory skin condition, characterised by ichtyosis (dry skin), erythema (redness), excoriation (interruption of the skin), scratching lesions, lichenification (thickening of the skin), infected lesions (blisters, pus formation) and hypopigmentation in old lesions. AD affects up to 20% of children and up to 10% of adults worldwide (The Star, 2016). A recent survey that we conducted shows that many of the emollients sold for relief of eczema do not contain active ingredients and still has many synthetic chemicals, preservatives and cheap bases/fillers. We wanted to fill this void with a preservative-free formulation that contains anti inflammatory bioactives using natural freeze dried aloe vera as the base. 

How does it work?

The bioactive ingredients in the REMDII’s formulation are specially engineered to be dynamically acting on the troubled skin. The bioactives (full spectrum vitamin E, carotenes, vitamin C) are selected from the most sustainable and reliable source to ensure the highest level of product’s functionality can be achieved. Then, the bioactives is carefully processed with standardized nano-processing conditions to turn the ingredients to the nano-size range so that they can penetrate the skin layers easily and reside at just the right position under the epidermis layer. The bioactive that successfully penetrate into the dermis layer will start acting synergistically to protect and repair the skin. The bioactive mix in the form of oil-in-water emulsion state will be incorporating into the emollient base; so that when it is applied onto skin, it provides a protective layer to the skin. The protected skin will be less prone to the challenges exposed by the environmental stresses including of moisture loss, photo-destruction, microbial invasion and etc.



Red palm olein (RPO)  which is known to be rich in tocopherol, tocotrienol and carotenoids is an ideal oil to be used in skin formulation. However, the utilization of the RPO is limited in food applications in the past decade as RPO was initially designed to retain the important phytonutrients within the palm fruit through milder processing steps to combat vitamins deficiency problems in some rural areas. With the advancing technology in the skin-care industry and arising demands of the consumers toward more natural products with equivalent or better efficiency, RPO stands a good chance to be a total solution for the skin care products as well. RPO which is loaded with bioactives including tocotrienol and high antioxidant properties has a competitive and stable price and most importantly, its sustainability. Malaysia is one of the major palm oil producing countries and the production of RPO is well established. Therefore, RPO is an ideal ingredient to be incorporated and formulated into skin care products at the large scale level.




Social benefits:

Scratching damages the skin, and allows penetration and colonisation of Staphylococcus aureus bacteria, which is present on the skin of more than 95% of eczema patients. This leaves patients more at risk of dry and brittle skin, which becomes sensitive to chemical impact and entry of irritants and allergens. When bacteria enter the defective skin barrier damaged by scratching, the secretion of its toxins causes further swelling, intense itching, and infection. Over time, the skin becomes thickened, scaly and crusty.


As eczema is highly visible on the skin, it can also have an emotional, psychological, and social impact on the person suffering from it. For instance, a flaking rash on the hands or face can make a person feel self-conscious in public, thus making social interactions difficult. On the other hand, children who have eczema can be subject to bullying and teasing by peers, which can be traumatic for them.


Most patients also feel they have to be constantly vigilant to avoid triggers to their condition, even having to be careful with the clothing or fabric they wear. On average, a patient’s productivity level at work or school also dips by 26% during an eczema flare-up. Social science researchers also revealed how most patients feel about living with eczema: embarrassed about their condition, feel they are constantly reminded of the fact that they have it, exhausted dealing with it, and think controlling it is an impossible task.


As there is no cure for eczema, treatment of the condition may prove to be challenging for many. However, eczema can be successfully managed with the right medical advice, and prescribed medication that can provide fast relief for itchiness and even clearance of lesions.



Economic benefits:

A common misconception of Halal being limited to mere foodstuff is slowly diminishing as Muslim consumerism has grown to become a global trend. The emergence of Halal cosmetics in the global beauty market with a high value proposition that emphasises universal values appears as appealing choice to Muslim consumers. But it has also been drawing attention from their non-Muslim counterparts. REMDII Sensitive which provides a safe and natural option to the very dry skin condition and potentially to eczema will be fulfilling the needs required by the huge Halal market.


Besides, the oil palm industry in Malaysia is one of the nation’s most essential. Introducing novel applications for palm based ingredients namely vitamin E and carotenes will eventually increase the diversification of oil palm usages and thus contributes to the oil palm industry of Malaysia. Effective in-demand consumer friendly products especially skin care products and health care products would add value to the previously underutilised red palm olein (RPO). The diversification of red palm olein is expected to contribute to the export market as well as revenue for the country. With the development of the prototype, palm oil industry in Malaysia will not be solely dependent on the export of crude palm oil (CPO) or traditional palm based product. According to the report by Frost and Sullivan (2011) that discussed about the advances in Bioactives for cosmeceuticals and nutricosmetics, an interesting trend is that cost effective skin care products are on the rise. This prototype which is RPO based enables us to fulfill the need of the market from different aspects.



B40 and middle-class population who suffers from eczema conditions. We wish to provide a safe, sustainable but affordable solution for the individuals/families that are troubled with this problem.



Prof. Dr. Lai Oi Ming (Lipid technology, Formulations)
Facutly Biotechnology and Science Biomelecular UPM
Granted Patent- MY 158177-A -Antioxidant and/or antimicrobial composition based on palm oil, granted on 06/09/2016



Dr. Lai Wee Ting (Delivery systems)
Dr. Nicholas Khong Mun Hoe (Microbiologist, Formulations)
Mr. Hishammudin Muhammad (Business Development Manager)
Miss Leow Min Min (Production Engineer, Sales)

Lipidware Sdn. Bhd. (1178933-V)
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by Asrizam Esam



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