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Skyridder overcomes the difficulty of remove old wires on the lamppost

Outdoor bunting that is hung on lampposts around UPM is widely used for the purpose of promoting a program or advertisement. The method of suspension uses wires and is not well managed resulting in many remnants of old wire and bunting pieces left after the program.

Remains of wire over a long period of time cause it to rusted due to oxidation and it was found that 186 lampposts have rusty wire that pollute the scenery, image, and environment of the UPM campus which has been recognized by Green Campus and MS ISO 14001: 2015 Certification (Environmental Management System).

The work of installing new hangings on lampposts becomes difficult and takes a long time because the cleaning work of old wires/fragments of bunting wood that interferes with the installation work needs to be done first. Staff on duty are also exposed to the risk of injury as a result of handling this wire residue and falling off the stairs during work. As a result of the review, it was found that there are Local Authorities who have special tools to remove the wire, but the cost of purchasing imported tools is high, has limitations in terms of access level height and no such product is sold in the domestic market.

Problems are successfully overcome with several initiatives through implementation:

-Program Bebas Dawai in collaboration with the Office of Corporate Strategy and Communications, UPM
-Skyridder innovation developed as a special tool for cutting wire that has unique characteristics.
-Development of Occupational Safety and Health Guidelines - Safe Wire Removal Method on Lighting / Electric Pillars

This Skyridder innovation has acquired two (2) intellectual property protection namely technical drawing copyright and tool use manual. The Program Bebas Dawai was implemented as an awareness campaign at the UPM level in 2018 and 2019. Now the Skyridder tool has been used at the UPM Serdang, Selangor and UPM Bintulu-Sarawak Campuses. Efforts to commercialize innovation with external parties / industry are also actively promoted so that the benefits can be used by various parties.

The Program Bebas Dawai provides awareness to campus residents on the pollution of the landscape and the environment from rust wire/pieces of bunting that gives a negative image to the community and tourists. The program successfully cleans the UPM environment in line with the Green Policy and UPM's ranking in the UI-Greenmetric World University Ranking.

Skyridder Innovation - Long Handle Wire Cutter (AR2019004073) is easy to use, speeds up wire removal time, improves staff safety, is safe to use in any situations, and requires only one operator to comply with UPM Occupational Safety and Health Policy.

Tools are developed at a lower cost than imported tools, have intellectual property protection and are potentially commercialized by industry. Target users such as small agencies/communities, local authorities, universities/schools.


-Wire cutting time- 12 seconds VS 120 seconds (manual)
-Work is easier; - Lightweight: 1.7 kg VS 6kg (imported tool)
-Tool cost RM133 VS RM4.1k (import tool)
-Higher access> 5 meters VS -The tool has a targeted handle
-Only one operator
-Improve employee safety in any environments


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Asrizam Esam |
Research officer
Putra Science Park

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