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Trichomax: Encapsulation Of Biological Agents

Current agriculture practices amphasize on environmental sustainability by
limiting the use of chemical pesticides. That can pollute the atmosphere,
damage the environment, leave harmful residues and can lead to the
development of resistant starins among the target organism with repeated

The wide use of pesticide in agriculture practise can damage agriculture land by harming beneficial soil microorganism.
The use biological control agents (BCA) to control plant pathogen is more practical and environmental friendly.

The length of shelf life and effectiveness are major problems that BCA to compete with pesticide. Most of BCA are in the liquid form and easy to contaminated and difficult to handling.

Encapsulation of Trichoderma harzianum as biofungicide product to control soil borne pathogen.Encapsulation method can protects T. harzianum from biotic and abiotic stress factors by providing a beneficial microenvironment.

This leads to extended shelf-life and maintains the metabolic activity for extended periods of time. T. harzianum are slowly release and can survive longer in soil and have extended persistence.

TrichoMax is slow release product. Trichoderma harzianum will released
slowly and can survive longer in the soil, which results in reduce number of
application. Environment friendly and does not introduce pollutants to


  • Greater efficacy
  • Longer shelf life
  • Ease of handling
  • Increased safety,
  • lower production costs
  • Compatibility with agricultural practices



Control soil borne disease and early protection of disease

Composting industry

Enrich the compost with beneficial microbe.

Technology readiness level : 5- This technology ready to enter technology development.

Project Leader : Dr. Fariz Adzmi
Dept./Faculty : Institute of Plantation Study UPM
Email :
Expertise : Pest and Disease Management

Date of Input: 23/08/2022 | Updated: 23/08/2022 | asrizam


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