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Turning Up UPM Technology and Commercialiasion Growth

By: Aishah Hisamuddin

Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) recorded a significant number of technopreneurs with millions of revenues and a proven records of success and awards recognition in producing 44 fastest growing start-up companies with over 83 inventions since it first launched the InnoHub programme through Putra Science Park (PSP), UPM in line with its remarks as the prestige research university in Malaysia. 

A high concentration effort has been put by PSP as a technology transfer office of UPM in ensuring the innovations fulfill the industry demand thus benefiting the nation and strengthening UPM’s position globally.  


The call of developing and nurturing a high impact technology and entrepreneur at the world level is the focus in the establishment of the InnoHub, a start-up company program that outlines university technopreneurs’ pillar.

The vision of bridging technology with entrepreneur skills highlighted the effort and assistance provided by the university in ensuring students and the researchers of UPM are provided with advanced infrastructure, funds, IP advisory, training, commercialisation support, knowledge transfer and mentoring-coaching making UPM the first of its kind the qualified hub for producing innovation entrepreneurs in various niche. To date, we have received numerous delegation visits from government and non-government sectors across the fields and expertise. 

Our technopreneurs have now stepped up their game across the globe with active involvement in world competitions in Japan, Singapore, the Middle East, European countries, and America. It is our pride and joy to see them competing and standing on par with other first world 3country and winning awards globally. 

“UPM technology has aggressively moved away from the common innovation products produced by research universities to exploring new business dimensions that possess high value in the industry market and yielded high returns to the university,” says Assoc Prof Dr. Wan Nurhayati Wan Ab. Rahman, Deputy Director (Innovation Promotion & Commercialisation) PSP.



Since the first launching of InnoHub, numerous successful technology entrepreneurs have since generated and sustained long in the market thus filling the gap in university research expertise and industry demand. 

To date, a start-up company of UPM, ZoepNano Sdn. Bhd. has successfully commercialised nanocellulose made of oil palm biomass, the first of its kind recorded in Malaysia. This invention opened the door for local products to be commercialised in Japan due to the economic and green characteristics offered apart from the advantages provided. This marks a new level of industry benchmark achieved by UPM. 

Lipidware Sdn. Bhd., another start-up company has successfully commercialised the health and medicine products. REMDII product is specifically designed for sensitive skin or eczema and now available at 500 clinics and pharmacies in Malaysia and Singapore making this another huge success for UPM. 

Agricultural has always been the forte of UPM researchers. This has driven the production of Harvast, by the Qarbotech Sdn. Bhd. It is one of agri start-up companies under InnoHub. Qarbotech invention of a biocompatible solution to increase photosynthesis rate in helping farmers to grow their crop bigger, healthier, and faster has caught the attention of Glocalink Singapore to further invest to penetrate Japan, Singapore, and Southeast Asia markets. 


The era of globalisation has mandated UPM to adjust and adapt to market growth. The success of InnoHub has led to the 100 new job opportunities created and boost UPM commercialisation in overall achievement with over 213 IPs has been commercialised with sales revenue worth RM 68.4 million annually. List of UPM technology ready to be commercialised available at www.sciencepark.upm.edu.my/industry-2263.


UPM has been awarded The Best Organisation Award in intellectual property management in Malaysia for six consecutive years from 2008 to 2018 and conferred by Clarivate on South and Southeast Asia Innovation Awards’ Most Influential Innovators in the region by Clarivate 2021, making it a well-established managing commercialisation of IP. 

“This recognition motivates us to actively look for collaboration with the industries internationally or locally to commercialise UPM new technologies in various fields that would benefit both parties, creating new marketable products and gain wealth creation” says Asrizam Esam, Head of Innovation Promotion and Marketing, PSP UPM.

For more information on UPM available technologies for licensing or inquiries visit PSP’s website at www.sciencepark.upm.edu.my


Date of Input: 26/09/2022 | Updated: 26/09/2022 | aishah


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