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Next2U@Putra UPM

Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) is one of the most vibrant universities in conducting academia-industry collaboration initiatives within the university sphere as an interaction platform between researchers, industry, companies, government and public. For a clear implementation of this initiative, Putra Science Park (PSP) has rebranded the concept of Science Park with the establishment of the Next2U@Putra Programme.

The programme serves to help the university expedite the transfer of knowledge and technology as the university is a main centre where all new technologies and innovations are being studied and produced. This programme is an initiative to encourage industry to collaborate with UPM in the commercialisation activities.

It is a concept towards a conducive ecosystem in building and cultivating tech-based businesses which are a key element in the Quadruple Helix Model. The commercialisation activities are growing and the university needs to be more creative and proactive in attracting industry to collaborate with UPM.

Implementation Objectives

The collaboration of this technology commercialisation is expected to provide substantial benefits to UPM from the following:

  1. Collaborating with the industry in commercialising UPM technologies.
  2. Providing services, facilities, resources and industrial network as well as consultation with entrepreneurs in strengthening production.
  • Providing a conducive environment to entrepreneurs so that they are more exposed to the real environment in the business world.
  1. Reducing the risk of failure in the business through facility-sharing and cost-saving.
  2. Providing training and skills in entrepreneurship to produce skilled entrepreneurs.

The main concepts of this initiative are the renting of spaces for the industry, providing technologies that already have IP protection, expertise and skilled workers. In return, the industry will provide funds of the respective projects including research funding, space rental and other necessities. Those who wish to use the laboratory facilities are able to do so by contacting the lab owners directly. UPM will indirectly generate income from space rental and laboratory services to the industry.

“The establishment of the Next2U@Putra Programme is an initiative to encourage industry collaborate with UPM and this is not a typical space rental programme, but prospective tenants must have a win-win agreement with UPM in adding value to the commercialisation activities,” said the programme’s coordinator, Ms. Norliyana Kamarudin.


Output Predictions

All of these transactions will have great benefits and impact to the university as well as contributing to the achievement of university key performance indicators (KPIs).

  1. Assisting the university to commercialise products derived from research to the industry.
  2. Enhancing the industry confidence in the university in producing technologies and products that are able to be marketed by the industry.

Obtaining financing from the industry for innovation upscale process before technology transfer is able to be implemented.

  1. Expediting IP licensing.
  2. Providing exposure to graduates through the lab-to-market bridging process as well as on technology transfer.
  3. Providing consultation after commercialisation.


“This programme also gives the Responsibility Centres (PTJ) involved an opportunity to generate additional income from the existing spaces and will also help save the management costs without putting too much burden on the centres to earmark certain portion of fund for developing and managing new infrastructure. The rental agreement will be initiated by the UPM Treasurer Office and PSP will facilitate the process,” she further explained adding that the monthly charges are subject to the sizes of the space rented.