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UPM produces navigation tool innovation to help people with dementia - Sinar Bestari

Article published on 1st July 2022/ Sinar Bestari

Researcher of the Faculty of Design and Architecture, Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM), Ts Dr Rosalam Che Me has produced a navigation tool as an innovation specifically for seniors with dementia.

The appliance is equipped with haptic stimulation technology that provides the simplest moving signals to the left, right and front without the need for visual commands.

According to Rosalam, the device is equipped with a series of mini vibration motors in the form of a waveform so that it can be worn like a belt.

He added that the haptic signal of the waveform is intended to produce a push-like stimulus that pushes the user to take the right direction.

"Sound signals in the form of voice commands are added to this system to add to the overall design efficiency of the device. For example, turn right, turn left and move forward.”

"The device system is equipped with an integrated mobile application that aims to monitor the user when the device is in use. 


"The application allows the activities and places where users visit to be recorded into the system which will enhance their independence while at the same time adopting new norm practices during the endemic phase," he explained. 


He said the simple features of the device are important to avoid confusion for users when finding a way especially for seniors with cognitive impairments such as dementia. 

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