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A Success of REMDII Winning MCY Main Award 2019, Congratulations!

SERDANG, 1 Nov 2019 - Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM), with its entry entitled, REMDII Sensitive, won the Research and Business Partnership Award. A mock cheque of RM100,000 , trophy and certificate was presented to Prof Dr. Lai Oi Ming from UPM and Ms. Leow Min Min from Lipidware Sdn. Bhd. by the Minister of Energy, Science, Technology, Environment and Climate Change (MESTECC) on 11 October 2019 during the IGEM 2019 held at KLCC.

The Malaysian Commercialisation Year (MCY) is aimed to promote commercialisation of local R&D products by giving recognition and incentives to the best products and technology in the country.

REMDII Sensitive is a moisturiser that was formulated to address dry, inflamed skin conditions, particularly for skin conditions such as atopic dermatitis. In REMDII, pharmaceutical research techniques was utilised to enhance the stability and function of powerful anti inflammatory bioactives from red palm oil, maintain its integrity and deliver it in a biologically active form to reach the target site of skin. REMDII’s technology is protected by 2 granted patents. The technology also won the National Intellectual Property Award (Patent Category) in 2018.


REMDII’s technology is licensed by Lipidware Sdn. Bhd. Trained under UPM’s  Innohub programme, Lipidware is a small business with big dreams. It champions a truly “Made in Malaysia” researched university product and story. Since its launch in June 2017, REMDII is now available in over 200 pharmacies and 30 clinics throughout Malaysia. REMDII is also available in clinics and pharmacies in Singapore.


REMDII is where it is today because of the support and belief entrusted on us by UPM and the dedication and hard work of the company, headed by Ms Leow Min Min. We are grateful for the opportunity to make an impact with our research in the Malaysian eczema community and we will continue to serve with our knowledge!



Prof. Dr. Lai Oi Ming: “We won the Research and Business Partnership Award!! We are so grateful to be here today. Never in my wildest dreams would I have thought that my son, Minho’s eczema would cause a cascade of events that changed my life....culminating with the Malaysia Eczema Support Group (MESC) on Facebook which has totally changed how I view my work and research and its benefit/impact to our society. I couldn’t have done this without UPM’s support. We are very special in UPM because of our Innohub program that propels us to push our research results to benefit the society and nation. It upholds our motto #WithKnowledgeWeServe.”




Ms Leow Min Min (Managing Director): “It’s amazing what Malaysian Researchers can offer to the commercial world. It’s been quite a journey working with intellects in the REMDII Research Team to build the engagements between academia and industry.


The story of REMDII was real and touching. The technology made it so much easier to penetrate the already saturated market of moisturizers for sensitive skin. The keyword is to build a strong platform for REMDII Sensitive which are :


“Results before Commercialization” and “Trust combined with lots of hardwork”


We are grateful because Prof. Lai and her research team are receptive to working with private sector. They are open and willing to take a leap of faith in realizing the concept through a holistic manner that both parties agreed with. There are always different opinions in bringing the innovations into the capital market but this process makes us stronger. Disparity in ideas but with mutual understanding being the base is the secret ingredient for the success of the team to transform researched results produced by university to solutions that are needed in market. With the strong belief that the solutions developed by Prof Lai and team is beneficial to the society with great market potential, I quit my job and plunged into this business undauntedly. Results of where we stand today and people we have met along the way was priceless. REMDII had given such a positive impact and I truly believe, the leap of faith have landed us in stronger footing.”

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