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Leptorinth Increase Awareness on the Danger of Leptospirosis


SERDANG, April 22 - Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences UPM`s researchers invented games Leptorinth to increase awareness on the danger of leptospirosis.

Leptorinth is a life-sized canvas board game for a maximum of 10 children and/or adult to play and learn about the leptospirosis. This canvas game is created to increase public awareness on the danger of leptospirosis. On the canvas, there are total of 42 steps. There are 6 categories of information which means every 6 steps are categorized into different type of information. The first category (the first 6 steps) are information on what is leptospirosis.

The second category (the next 6 steps) are information on the transmission, followed by causes, symptoms, prevention and treatment. This game must play with smartphone with internet connection and roll with a physical dice. The player begins with scanning the QR code to enter Padlet, an e-tool to update the information they get while playing the game. The reason is that, the player with the most information shared about leptospirosis in Padlet will win the game. The player rolls the dice and move according to the number of the dice they get.

They stop and read the instruction. The instruction also contains the information about the leptospirosis. So, after they follow the instruction, the information they get can be shared in Padlet. Player who reach the finish step, will end the game. Players who have draw marks, can fight in the Kahoot game to determine the winner. This canvas game include AR videos, 3D AR, e-tools such as wheel of fortune, Kahoot, matching memory game and etc. This game allow people to learn while actively playing using e-tools to enhance learning in leptospirosis.

According to Associate Prof. Dr Syafinaz Amin Nordin from the Department of Microbiology and Medical Parasitology, Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences UPM as Head of Project, “I choose this because we want to study the impact of gamification in education. I also want the game to be unique and innovative using new game concept and the first canvas game in the world to implement with technology to play it.”


The advantages of this innovation as compared to existing innovation ;

  • Integration of few applications (QR Code, Augmented Reality, 3-D Trigger Image, E-learning Tools) into a single canvas game in an interactive ways.
  • Can be used as teaching materials in school or universities.
  • Interesting and interactive information delivery methods
  • Increase young learners learning engagement with gamification.

This research project was developed using Photoshop software, canvas, QR code generator, and HP Reveal  starting from June 2017 and end on Sep 2017. Leptorinth won Gold Medal at IUCEL 2017

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