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PSP Staff Receives Gold And Silver Award At Artgeng Exhibition 2020

SERDANG, 24 Nov - Putra Science Park (PSP) staff, won 1 Gold award and 3 Silver awards at the National Artgeng 2020 Exhibition which took place from 1 to 15 October 2020 at the Johor Art Gallery, Abu Bakar Complex, Johor Heritage Foundation, Johor Bahru. Congratulations to Nor Azizah Ismail for winning the Gold award with the artwork of "Arena Cahaya", the Perak award was embraced by Asrizam Esam, artwork of "Dedaun Syzgium", Mohammad Hisham Omar, artwork of"Re-Bina Negara" and Hafliza Hussin, artwork of "Warna Malaysia". Also participating in this exhibition and successfully selected to be exhibited at the Johor Art Gallery are Ruslimah Ismail, artwork of "Jalinan Alam" and Juneafitriawati Sutaham "Pakis".

The Artgeng 2020 exhibition themed on 6x6 works is an annual community program exhibition and started in 2019. This program focuses on the production of various themed paintings organized by the Artgeng Fine Arts Community under the management of d'Arte Fren Colony.

According to the founder of d’Arte Fren Colony, Norazlan Ahmad, a total of 3,617 entries were sent by participants from 216 institutions from national and international including Indonesia and Brunei.

"Only 2,970 artworks have been selected to be displayed at the Johor Art Gallery during the ArtGeng exhibition this time although the organizer face challenges during the implementation of the Movement Control Order (MCO)", he said.

The opening ceremony of Artgeng Exhibition 2020 was officiated by Mr. Sharil Nizam bin Abdul Rahim, Director of Johor Heritage Foundation. At this exhibition, six PSP staff have participated in and sent 10 paintings of various themes including Bunga Angkasa, Akar Kala, Jalinan Alam, Pakis and Perak.

According to Asrizam Esam, PSP Research Officer, this first-time participation opens up opportunities for PSP staff to produce creative work and increase the visibility of UPM's creative talent at the national level.

"We are proud to be selected as exhibited at this Johor Art Gallery, and also have the opportunity to share information on the intellectual property protection of artwork with the founder of Art Geng 2020", he said.

This participation is a social activity that is seen to increase soft skills, creativity, and further polish new potential and talent in each individual.


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