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Students improve Orang Asli community Tasik Chini biological sciences knowledge

Tasik Chini - A total of 44 students of the Department of Biology, Faculty of Science, Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM), organised the program "Let's Listen to Nature 4.0" theme "Nature is the Art of God" that accompanied by the 44 communities of Orang Asli children of school of excellence clusters, Sekolah Kebangsaan Tasik Chini, Pahang recently.


The program was organized by the Biology Student Club (KMB-FASSA), Department of Biology, Faculty of Science, UPM in collaboration with the Center for Youth Empowerment (PERKASA), Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities, UKM & Tasik Chini Research Center (PPTC), UKM, Pahang.


With the theme "Nature is the Art of God," it emphasized the transfer of biological science to the community of Orang Asli children consisting of pupils in Years 4 to 6 of Sekolah Kebangsaan Tasik Chini through activity "Explorace: Biology Is Life, Biology Is Us!".

Nine activities need to be completed by each group so that they can continue the game to the deciding round, where all the groups will be grouped together to do activities simultaneously.


Among the activities carried out are "Keep On Track", "Giant Bingo", "Talking Stick", "Guess It Out," while in the determination round is, "Nature Got Help". Each activity is interspersed with biological knowledge such as animal characteristics, the impact of plastic use on the environment and the emphasis on 3R concepts (Reuse, Reduce, Recycle).


Program and KMB advisor, Dr. Mohd Noor Hisham Mohd Nadzir said the program succeeded in attracting students from the Orang Asli community not only in understanding biology but also providing exposure on environmental conservation and conservation through exposure to current issues related to the environment.


Program and KMB advisor, Dr. Bokhary Zainal said that UPM students can also learn the appropriate way to deliver information to students Orang Asli children of SK Tasik Chini to think more creatively in designing any activities carried out so that the information submitted is easily understood and applied.


The program also received sponsorship and support from the Faculty of Science UPM, contributions from individuals as well as sponsorship from the UKM Youth Empowerment Center (PERKASA).

Tasik Chini Research Center Research Officer, Nur Amelia Abas said she achieved the objectives of the program through environmentally themed game activities.


"Through the activities carried out, a lot of emphasis is given to conservation. This has proven that one of the objectives of the program has been successfully achieved, "he said.

Program director, Muhammad Afiq Mohd Zaidi hopes that such programs can be continued in the future in order to expose more students to biological knowledge.


"If you have the opportunity to participate in a program like this again. Grab it. Apart from being satisfied when we can convey a little bit of knowledge related to biology to the community, we can also train ourselves to think creatively and critically in formulating strategies and solving future problems before and during the program, "he said. - UPM

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