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Dyslexia Learning applications - help dyslexic students master English

Applications DisleksiaBelajar (Fono-Spell-Read-Write) using the typeface, color and syllabus as well as to encourage the students to concentrate on learning English when the session starts up.

According to the chief researcher of this innovation, Dr. Novia Admodisastro, there are four main modules in the application, namely phonological dyslexia-friendly, spelling, reading and writing, which covers basic topics for the subject of Bahasa Melayu.


“The use of multimedia elements such as pictures, audio and text helps students interact with applications effectively. In addition, this application can also reduce the burden of teachers through self-access learning. Learning based on mobile technology is more flexible and able to attract students to learn, "he said.


According to him, this application is designed based on guidelines, content and pedagogy for mastering the Malay language comprises four elements, namely phonology, spelling, reading and writing.


"The advantage of this innovation is able to reduce the cost in terms of paper use and save teachers time in providing different teaching materials for each student," he added, besides emphasizing this technology is also able to maximize the use of multisensory (multisensory) among dyslexic sufferers through a combination of learning techniques accordingly.


This application takes 11 months to develop and get cooperation from the Malaysian Dyslexia Association (PDM) targeting educators in schools with special needs as well as parents, especially those with dyslexic children.


Another member of the group who also developed this application is Prof. Dr. Abdul Azim Abdul Ghani, Dr. Azrina Kamaruddin, Dr. Noridayu Manshor, Chan Kai Fung and Siti Suhaila Abdul Hamid. - UPM

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