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Nature’s Narratives Unfold at ‘NYAWA’18: Earth to Sky’

The eDU-PARK® division of Putra Science Park, Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) is pleased to present a group exhibition called Nature’s Yield and Wonders of Art (NYAWA) ‘18, featuring artwork by professors and researchers from various faculties at UPM. The exhibition will be held from 1st December, 2018 to 8th March, 2019 at Galeri Serdang located at the Faculty of Design and Architecture, UPM.

By presenting scientific research and findings in the form of artworks and artefacts, NYAWA aims to promote interest in and cultivate appreciation of science by making it not just accessible to, but also enjoyable for the general public. Representing various fields of study from agriculture and environmental science to biology and information technology, and many more, NYAWA’18 features artworks revolving around the theme ‘Earth to Sky’.

Take a short stroll in a little paper garden, where you’ll also be able to see virtual flowers blooming around you. Watch out for the fruit bats above (made out of beverage packaging) as this installation explains how habitat loss has resulted in the encroachment of these flying mammals, raising the risk of transmission of viruses to human and other animal populations. Enjoy a colourful Lego installation that details the relationship between Salmonella and its human and animal hosts. Learn about the factors that determine the colour of your eyes as you take in a striking 2D art display of different coloured irises.

These are among the 19 artworks --a number of them interactive--on display at NYAWA’18, which is the seventh edition of this annual exhibition. An indexed catalogue of the exhibition is forthcoming.

NYAWA’18 will be officially launched on 23rd January, 2019 at 3pm at the foyer of the Faculty of Design and Architecture. On the day of the launch, participating scientists and researchers will be present to explain their artworks and artefacts to members of the public.

NYAWA’18 is open for public viewing from 9am to 4pm (Monday to Friday). Night or weekends visit is arrange able by appointment.




1) The Spirit of Mah Meri
2) Sailing by Starlight
3) Talaqqi
4) Goddess of the Rainbow
5) Please Have a Seat
6) Bat Zootic
7) Ecopsychology : Reflections of Nature and Soul
8) Salmonella: The Bacteria Next Door
9) Extinction
10) Climbing Plants
11) Wonders of Pollen
12) Skytider™
13) Head in the Clouds
14) Earth / Space Protein Crystals
15) MR Flowers
16) Urban Spaces : Green or Grey
17) Digital Metamorphosis
18) High and Dry
19) Entropy Harp



by Norhidayah Mad Halid
Research Officer
eduPark Division
Putra Science Park UPM


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