The research outcome developed by UPM researchers has made various new discoveries and become solutions to various problems.
Commercialization of research output becomes very important in creating an impact from the R&D results of UPM researchers,
translate it into more interesting so that it can benefit the university, society, industry and country.

PSP and PTJ Innovation Coordinator will assist researchers along the way of research output towards the commercialization of technology.

The next step in increasing the impact of research output is through ;
  • protection of intellectual property (IP),
  • promotion and marketing of innovation
  • commercialization of research output to the industry.
The protection of the intellectual property is important to ensure that every idea and research output can be protected from being exploited by others unjustly.
Putra Science Park (PSP) manages intellectual property protection applications for Universiti Putra Malaysia including patent, trade secret, industrial design, copyright, integrated circuit design, trademark, and new plant variety.
Importance of IP Commercialization

UPM Technology and Intellectual Property should be towards to the commercialization of technology with the industry for;
  • ensure that the benefits of technology produced by researchers can be used for the development of society, industry and nation.
  • the impact of technology can provide new business opportunities to the industry and trigger new job opportunities for the society
  • generate income to universities, industries, countries and even to research groups
  • provide opportunities for R&D collaboration and pre-commercialization of technology with industry
  • helping the university achieve its key performance index


Step to commercialise your technology

  IP Presentation and Filing

  • Researchers who have potential research to be commercialized, need to apply for Intellectual Property protection and make a presentation to the PSP UPM Intellectual Property Division, to obtain intellectual property protection.
  • UPM researchers can apply for intellectual property protection through the UPMIP system.
Promotion and Marketing

  • After obtaining intellectual property protection (IPR), researchers need to provide promotional materials related to the technology.
  • Next, researchers need to communicate and promote the technology to potential industry partners through various platforms.
  • PSP Innovation Promotion and Marketing Section will help produce technology promotion materials, promote technology and arrange discussions with potential industries.
Technology Transfer and Commercialization

  • After gaining potential industry, the next process is to discuss the mode of commercialization methods until the transfer of technology to industry.
  • The Technology Transfer Section and Commercialization Section will assist researchers throughout the process up to the receipt of revenue generation results to universities and researchers.

More information
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